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14-2-2018 1125CR valve lash, oil out the exhaust

9-5-2018 - 14-2-2018 Buell 1125CR valve lash, oil out the exhaust

on where we left of, rear cylinder valve lash check 

we loosened the electics in the tail to have clearance with the cables 

unscrewing the coil 

injector line of, very carefull these brackets break very easy

cables out the way so we can lift the cover of 

a rag over the rear header, to prevent oil dripping on

cover of, and removing the spark plug 

same as the front black.. way to rich running ?

so valve lash, a rag in the plug hole helps no to drop anything in , remove when turning. to prevent from sucking in

exhaust ok.. intakes are tight.. to the minimum will adjust these 

finger spacer out to slide the finger aside

did the mesurement, with a magnet pul out the shim

check mesure and find the correct thickness shim to the thickness you want

with the shims in position turn the engine a turn to check the lash 

if good. the spacer can go back in 

setting the gap on the spark plug 

and the cover can go back on. the rear cover can be a pita.. as the seal droppes out easy

so with the cover on, check the seal is still seated feelint with your fingers

timing cover plug back in 

and rotating the engine back up 

center bolts holes ok 

usualy the front ones do not line out 

for the front ones typical the brackets need to be loosened for the front bolts to line out 

tighten and set to TQ left side ( fixed to frame side ) first

header back on 

and pulling the o2 wire back in place

yes thing with this exhaust, one toughes the covers. the other one do not 

wire harnes back in the left corner 

front wheel back in

exhaust cleaned and degreased 

rear mounting 

an front mounting with springs 

one of the very few UNC bolts on the 1125 

removed the active air control cable need to lock the throttle slides to getter , zip tie / lockwire

electrics back in the tail section 

clutch lever back on 

dle air control hose , use a zipwire to secure it in place, this hose drops of easy

mounted the airbox base, check the throttle it is nor sticking

airfilter on

one off the thread inserts came out 

with 2k expoxy push the insert back in

checing the rear brake.. working normaly not binding or sticking

10mm allen to loosen the pinch bolt

and removing the rear calipe rto get the wheel out

who ok.. these pads are gone 

wheel bearings are to gone 

new bearings 

and new pads

draining the oil 

and let side

using some cover not to spill on the exhaust

during warmup noticed again " smoke " during blimping tVolts e throttle .. and noticed when the bike got hotter the O2 senor stays 0.6 -0,5 

it sould react more. pulling the front O2 senor wen know a larged deal on the exhaust is made to sell

rear ones looks much better,, dham i should ahve started this job checkung the O2 senors

so intake off again

and popping of the throttle bodies 

loosen the connectors under the throttle bodie 

keeping the rest safe , some protectors are comming