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6-8-2016 1125 rear brake, X1 rough running, XB

1-9-2016 - 6-8-2016 Buell 1125 rear brake, Buell X1 rough running, Buell XB high miles.

1125R in the shop customer noticed the rear brake felt hard, good thing he did not try it, would mean the rear will bind, and will overheat the rear disk — 

i drain the fluid first 


loosen the brake light connector when the cylinder is still fixed on the bike 

rear fuild hose loose and master cylinder off 

brake pedal off 

carefully lift the rubber boot

corrosion here i susualy the problem 

c-clip pliers and take the pushrod assembly out

and a look at the problem, anvil is corroded, and is binding in the last end off the cylinder 

gentle tap with a thin screw diver in the ohter end , and it comes out 

little cleaning , seals are ok, lucas brake grease on the seals and silicone grease on the front end , and pack the pushrod back in with grease

new crush washers on the light switch 

and bleeding the rear brake, :-) works again

very nice X1 , not running idle smooth , error light

active error ets sensor , lots off historical errors , indication some connector have been off while the contact was on 

detected leaking intake seals , so striping the fuel tank off, old spark plug works good to plug the fuel hose so the filter douse not drain

i like the looks , but really don't like the workings off the original airbox.. messy and a pita to mount 

hanger screws out 

throttle cables loose 

and start removing the manifold

chewy screws... will replace these 

vacuum bite marks , seals are hard 

otherside less but also hard 

after some cleaning , new seals on, line up the manifold using the front support bracket , before you tighten the intake flanges

and airbox back on 

as the ets ( engine temperature sensor ) error was intermitting, and not the correct temperature was given , checking the connectors first , as these are already replaced for the new style

ok watter seal in wrong but good connection 

temperature sensor, high

bending the wire a bit no connection... i will replace this one 

new sensor is ok 

with a hook tool pull out the protection rubber plug so get to the hex head on the sensor 

special tool, or bend 1/2 ring socket will work 

new sensor in, and good values 

tps set and she is running nice again

Xb12S familiar one 

and 139000 km on the dial... she was running rough, one look at the tps value ( very low ) and stil idle at 1000 very rough , suspected intake seals leaking, little test , yep... apointment is made