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17-4-2015 BuellXB oil leak.

18-4-2015 - XB12, resently cylinder overhaul, started to leak oil , after 1000 km , pushrod o-ring


Xb12 oil leak, as the engine needs rotating, striping the top side.


Xb12 oil leak, everything ready to drop.


Xb12 oil leak, and the S and R version remove the left passengers foot bracket otherwise it will damage the primairy cover .


Xb12 oil leak, tensioner off to remove the rear exhaust straps.


Xb12 oil leak, front strap loosend and hanger bolt removed, clamp loosend, and remove the exhaust.


Xb12 oil leak, loosen the outer cable adjuster, and remove the cable bracket.


Xb12 oil leak, jack up the engine so there is no load on the front mount, the bolt should come out by hand ( after initial loosening )


Xb12 oil leak, front fender off and engine dropped down.


Xb12 oil leak, header bolts off to remove the header.


Xb12 oil leak, intke manifold off.


Xb12 oil leak, ready to take the head off, rocker cover off.


Xb12 oil leak, i take out the small bolts first.


Xb12 oil leak, and than the big bolts from the rocker box, gently and evenly.


Xb12 oil leak, rocker box off, and pull out the pushrods.


Xb12 oil leak, they are marked, but if the markngs are faded, there is a lenght differance to indentify theme.


Xb12 oil leak, and loosening the head bolts , again try to do this evenly.


Xb12 oil leak, GRRR o-ring was pinched during mounting.. i hate when that happens.


Xb12 oil leak, i usualy take care off this, so it would not happen. but some it did this time.


Xb12 oil leak, cleanign and degreasing the gasket surfaces, seat the o-ring first in the heads, making sure they seat right.


Xb12 oil leak, a little oil on the tops off the pushrod cover, and gently put the head over the cover ends, then put the head in the dowls , from the cylinder.


Xb12 oil leak, hed bolts , a drop off oil on the threads, and a drop off oil on the flat resting surface.


Xb12 oil leak, TQ the head bolts down , gradualy tightening theme, step by step to the final TQ value.


Xb12 oil leak, position the rocker box and start all the bolts.


Xb12 oil leak, now first tighten the big bolts, step by step, and let the lifters bleed ( take your time ) then tighten the small bolts.


Xb12 oil leak, cover back on.


Xb12 oil leak, coil + bracket back in place and mount the intake manifold.


Xb12 oil leak, headers back on , and engine up.


Xb12 oil leak, and fasten en connect the top side again.


Xb12 oil leak, airbox back on.


Xb12 oil leak, and it is alive again... take a test tide and check for leaks.