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16-1-2019 XB12S 04 service inspection Xb12SS

1-8-2019 - What did we do today 16-1-2019: Buell XB12S 04 service inspection, Buell XB12SS indicators

very clean XB12S 30000 km.. in for service and running very rough cold, fauling front plug —

right side scoop of, as we suspect leaking intake seals

with a little brakecleaner testing the intake seals , the ego drops hard as the brake cleaner is making the mixture fatter.. so rotating the engine . with a big service not much work extra 

opening the airbox.. breather hoses point funny 

the breather hoses are in the wrong hole they need to cross to sit better

further down stripping body panels... chin spoiler... T27 douse not want to fit anymore , to many burs made with T25 ? or worn key.. needed to hammer in the T27... as these screws are 9 euro each.. wurth the effort 

drain plug out

while draining stripping the bike for engine rotation

clutch cable adjuster can use some neverseas 

and losen the cable from the lever

drain plugs back in.. hydro loctite for sweating 

checking the primairy chain , check on 3 places !!! can be slack on 1 point and good/ tight on a other 

rearwheel bearing check and belt check , belt looks worn 

removing the belt guard for bettr acces 

yes.. this one is worn

cracks starting all over , will call the customer to replace this

wheel bearings look new... and i think are new :-)

swing arm brace out to swap the belt 

is the first belt of this bike ( 2004 model ) 

the idler pully bearings are running dry 

vwill replace these right away

fidely , but with 2 flat screw drivers you can take out the spiral lock ring

and press the bearings out the spacers usualy come with .. need to tap these out separate

new bearings pressed in. mounting the spiral lock works best with your fingers

belt on.. first the swing arm brace back

and tighten the wheel axle to 66 NM

turn the bike around to tighten the pinch bolt 

engine supported.. and front engine bolt out 

loosen the throttle cables 

cut the zipties cables 

stack of 

engine down, and loosening the intake flange bolts

with the engine down... very easy acces to plug.. front one black 

and rear one wet.. from testing and running bad 

intake seals old and hard

clean and replace 

new plugs in 

\manifold back in place tighten the flanges evenly

a little lube on the front engine bolt 

looking for the right bolts 

footpeg bracket bolts are longer than the w-brace bolts

top side hooking up

throttle cables on and wires connected 

coil and spark plug cables .. rear cable booth was pulled to far over the plug, pull these back before you mount , look for the "click " from the connector as a sign the connector is fully on

airfilter was clean.. air box back on 

bike swapped around for the front end check 

pinch anc axle bolts loose 

front fender screws.. very hard to remove with blue loctite.. please do not . use here , top screw head was already bad. now slipped the T27

right side same story, but bought screw would come out

with a axle sticking out.. double check the bearings and spacer

these are also new.. and spacer is good in between

T30 bit. 3 hands and a mallet as counter , tapping the T30 in the screw.. i could remove this one.. i will bin this one

and remove the locite on the other 3 

and cleaning the legs

front forks out to replace the oil 

typical wear marks from the clutch cable 

protecting the top nut, for makring the cap nuts

legs back in

pay attention on the handle bar switch wires.. so you do not pinch these

front wheel back on and caliper bolt in with loctite and 50 NM 

a light grade loctite ( purple ) will do 

some attention to teh right side airscoop to mount it a little better 

front brake fluid.. chewy screws 

with a high angle on the master, works better to level it with fluid replacement

as the fluid is more horizontal 

with the reservoir so full. would have spilled it in the original mounting position

fresh fluid in 

and new screws 

rear fluid also changed 

setting tps and letting here warm up 

she runs allot better now :-) setting the oil level. and she is good to go 

last things before this bike can go to Swiss 

needs new indicators

as the old ones where crap or broken

very hard to hold.. tapping a Torq key in the aluminium screw, i could turn lose the nut 


with a fill in plate looks much better

rear ones also replaced —

and new battery mounted.. cold start is bad and melting the battery poles is never good 

ready for pick up