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13-11-2014, Buell 1125CR clutch change XB service.

11-3-2015 - Buell 1125CR clutch change, Buell XB daily driver Big service, Buell XB engine repair.

1125CR, at 160 km/h and full throttle in 6e gear the clutch is slipping, customer came in for a upgrade.


1125CR clutch, also do a oil change, noticed the right side engine cover ( clutch cover ) gasket is sweating, a little to much work to wait on for now, we will repair this later.


1125CR clutch, tight side oil drain plug out.


1125CR clutch, and left one out.. take care this comes out with some flow.


1125CR clutch, oil filter cover off and old oil filter out.


1125CR clutch, new crush washers on the drain plugs


1125CR clutch, new O-ring on the oil filter cover


1125CR clutch , new K&N filter


1125CR clutch ,using a c-clip will prevent the clutch cylinder to fall outwhen you loosen the nut.


1125CR clutch ,hold the clutch pull rod while unscrewing the nut.


1125CR clutch ,and loosen the cover screw , now you can remove the clutch cover and leave the system bleeded.


1125CR clutch , big rings off and you can pull off the membrame.


1125CR clutch ,and the cover the clutch is self.


1125CR clutch , loosen the screw evenly .


1125CR clutch , with the screws out and springs off the clutch table plate can be take off.


1125CR clutch ,bending some hooks from steel wire, is very handy to pull out the clutch pack.


1125CR clutch ,the old pack, spotted steel paltes and a blue shine over theme..


1125CR clutch ,new clutch pack is a little higher and can take allot off more power 


1125CR clutch, comes also with heavier springs.


1125CR clutch, soak the new friction plates in oil.


1125CR clutch, and put the new plates back in alternating friction / steel plates.


1125CR clutch, and put the new plates back in alternating friction / steel plates.


1125CR clutch, you should end with a steel plate to protect the pressure plate.


1125CR clutch, spring difference.


1125CR clutch, evenly start to tighten the screws.


1125CR clutch and put the inside cover back on, lube the seal a little.


1125CR clutch, the membrame protective washers are marked.


1125CR clutch, membrame on and outer protective washer, little blue loctite on the nut.


1125CR clutch, now i noticed the clutch slave cylinder was leaking to, with everything off little job to replace it now , pulling the clutch lever and secure it with a ziptie will prevent the reservoir to drain, so bleeding is more easy.


1125CR clutch, cover temperary on to loosen the banjo bolt.


1125CR clutch, remove the inner C-clip.


1125CR clutch, and push out the old slave cylinders.


1125CR clutch, replacement slave cylinder, as you can't see the positioning notch when the slave cylinder is almost in, i mark the notches


1125CR clutch,the new slave cylinder comes ready lubes with O-ring mounting grease, but the o-rings can use a little help not to damage these pushing the new slave cylinder in.


1125CR clutch, fully seated, place the c-clip back in.


1125CR clutch,, and outer cover back on.


1125CR clutch,nut back on, little home made tool or if you can find a high scocket 17mm with outer hex drive will work.


1125CR clutch, new banjo crush washers come with the kit.


1125CR clutch, and bleed the clutch system.


1125CR clutch, and crash protective cover back on.


1125CR clutch, fill engine oil , and run the engine untill it is hot.


1125CR clutch, leave a few minutes after engine stop, and check the oil level.


Xb12XT daily driver ( 20000 KM plus a year ) for big service and making ready for winter.


Xb12XT daily driver, while the customer has more bikes, the Uly is the one he rides the most.


Xb12XT daily driver, we already noticed the oil leaking behind the rear cylinder, starter motor or stator plug are the suspect , as the gearbox oil needs a change, we will do this now.


Xb12XT daily driver, top side for spark plugs and oil filter cleaning.


Xb12XT daily driver, bike has had a rough life, as the breathers are spuwing a little oil, i think the piston rings will be for a next time to replace.


Xb12XT daily driver, primary cover off to remove the starter motor .


Xb12XT daily driver, oil breather line off and starter motor out... a messy place.


Xb12XT daily driver, after some cleaning.


Xb12XT daily driver, stator plug pulled out a little, and put some silicone bead to seal it better.


Xb12XT daily driver, plug back in , and starter motor back on.


Xb12XT daily driver, oil drain plug threads worn out, as we could not tighten the oil plug any more, luckaly we have a box with repair plugs and taps half a size bigger, put some thick grease on the tap to catch the aluminium, clean and rinse the swing arm to check if it is clean.


Xb12XT daily driver, new plug in.


Xb12XT daily driver, spark plug change.


Xb12XT daily driver, and bearings/ belt check all good.


Xb12XT daily driver, airfilter base plate cleaned , and oil filter cleaned and recharges.


Xb12XT daily driver, front wheel check, and fork oil change.


Xb12XT daily driver, new brakepads.


Xb12XT daily driver, front back in.


Xb12XT daily driver, cleaning the brake lever contact points and new grease will feel so much better.


Xb12XT daily driver, and brake fluid check.. test ride  she is ready for the winter.