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4-3-2015 XB repairs and XB service

5-3-2015 - Buell XB repairs, front tyre change. Buell XB service.

XB repairs, front tyre change, needed ? ! 


XB repairs , nice bike.


XB repairs , ok fron tup fender removed , caliper bolts loose.


XB repairs , the slots in the 8 piston caliper need to line up the the spokes to take it off ( magnesium race wheels will not have this problem)


XB repairs , fresh rubber.


XB repairs , now the gasmask mod is nice, but with a SCG ... you really ruwn your front fender, customer asked to take it off.


XB repairs , gasmask off.


XB repairs , customer asked to make it a angry look, and drop the flyscreen , and i will ask hime to buy some good tools, as about every screw i see is nackered.


XB repairs , threads cross threaded , screws missing.


XB repairs , so new holes, mesuring the lowering max. to still have some flesh in the aluminium.


XB repairs , drilling and tapping, , hold the original bracket in place with a screw otherwise you bend it inwards when you drill it.


XB repairs , a subtle change.


XB repairs , i like it just to the top off the speedo , so you don't see this front he front sticking out.


XB repairs , rear indicator broken off.


XB repairs , with a short tail always hard to reach the nuts,.


XB repairs , it is easyer to take the tail off.


XB repairs , new indicator replacing the rubber mount for a fixed mounting stem as these are stronger.


XB repairs , light check... the acc fuse was blow.. ( no rear light and indicator , but the brake light worked ).


XB repairs , next problem the buttons on the speedo don't work anymore.


XB repairs , take the speedo out and take it apart.


XB repairs , as i brigde the switch the functions come up , so electrinics are ok, button switch douse not work.


XB repairs , i let the soak a little in contact cleaner, see if this helps.


XB repairs , after some time, soaking and drying, the buttons seam to work ok again..