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XB9 Lock mishap, XB12SCG service

1-5-2016 - XB9 Lock mishap, XB12SCG service, XB12S hammertime

what happens if you put a disk lock in your rear pully and forget it... well in this case the swing arm got pushed out, lucky old model swingarm these are stronger than the new model ones in this direction

the pully has been rubbing away the inside belt guard

after loosening the pinch bolt and loosening and retightening the rear azle al look ok , belt no dammage shown

i ripped off the worn piece off belt guard , with the next service we will put on a new one

nice XB12Scg in for a service check up, first big service, little km done... and a fresh bike. easy peasy

so drain the oils

fresh gearbox oil in

front plug change from below

looking good

loosening the clutch cable for adjustment on the clutch mechanism

mechanisme back in lightly bottoming and 1/4 turn loose

noticed the shifter pivot bolt is loose, put some loctite on these bolts

oil filter change, fill and prime the new filter

belt check... yep 13000 km no worries here

new plugs set the gap

rear wheel bearings check. again with 13000 not a worrie but check anyway

axle back in and set to tq


chin spoiler bracket back on

airfilter box off to get to the rear spark plug

battery connections still tight

time for the front end , bike swaped around

front wheel out

bearings are good to go

cleaning up the front fork sliders as with the oil change i will slide theme in completly

front end back on and brake fluid replacement.

electrics check warming up and , check the oil level , she is good for the season

hammer time , original exhaust, , chin spoiler off

to get to the rear straps i need to take off the belt tension

to remove the idler pully

long socket 7/16 and loosen the rear straps

and loosen the front mounting.. and the exhaust can come off , the valve was already disabled

new th hammer on sturdy front mount i like it

i noticed the idler pully bearings where gone, i'm not going to leave the customer like this

new bearings pressed in.. the clip best to put in by hand

idler back on and retighten the reasr axle... updated the fuell mapping and ready for test ride smile-emoticon nice sound