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28-5-2015 Buell Xb12 big bore making it, run.

29-5-2015 - Buell S3 Head removal. Buell Xb engine finish rebuild.

Xb12 Bigbore, our own measuring headers on the bike.


Xb12 Bigbore, customer told me big injectors whare mounted... looking at the afv levels way to big for this set up , so took theme out for testing.


Xb12 Bigbore, who almost 20 % more than the stock injectors , a bit over kill for a street bike.


Xb12 Bigbore, checked the stock injectors, these are perfect, will put these in.


Xb12 Bigbore, the bigger injectors also where non directional, while the stock injectors spray directly on the valve , and are directional.


Xb12 Bigbore, still wondering why the engine is so wet from oil , every where ?


Xb12 Bigbore, any way exhaust mounted.


Xb12 Bigbore, battery was already on the charger and kept full, but as i understand the bike was left for 1,5 years... i think it is dead


Xb12 Bigbore, function check... yep every thign works, engine turns over by hand, spark cleaning works so plugs are ok.


Xb12 Bigbore, engine turns over good, but no spark, in the clean spark plug mode the spark plugs work, ( injectors work to, as the bike coughs in the clean spark mode ) so ingnition sensor in on the crank... as it looks like this is also been removed , first i need to drain the case... the oil level in the case is so high, that the oil comes out the sensor hole.


XB9R, long time not seen this bike, one off our first customers, still has the bike, but he moved up to a 1125R, and the lady off the house now rides the XB.


XB9R, front seal , but it has sprong a leak in the front fork.


XB9R, front seal , easy fix, bike supported, and axle out.


XB9R, front seal, and take the fork out.


XB9R, front seal , fork in the support, fromving the top cap and needle.


XB9R, front seal ,cleaned and new seals on ready to assembly the forks again.


XB9R, front seal, bleed the rebound damper before you assembly the fork, as you wil almost never reach the full travel on the damper on the road, left over air will bleed very difficult.


XB9R, front seal , leg back in and front wheel mounted.


XB9R, front seal, noted the spring tensioner was lost... lucky the bracket was not to much damages , as it hit the exhaust bracket it will bend out wards and break the pivot.


XB9R, front seal ,but we have replacement springs.


XB9R, front seal ,little tension on it , and good to go.


S3 front head removal to mill out the broken mounting bolt.


S3 front head removal, buetifull bike very well take care off and not hammered ( 35000 km on the here ) remove the exhaust.


S3 front head removal, and loosen the header nut and take theme off.


S3 front head removal, airfilter and bracket removed, take off the carburator.


S3 front head removal, and the upper tei rod bracket and holder.


S3 front head removal, horn and coil removed to make some room.


S3 front head removal, and rocker cover off.


S3 front head removal, loosen the rocker box, take the 1/4-20 screws out first.


S3 front head removal, and than slowly and evenly loosen the 5/16 bolts holding the rocker box.


S3 front head removal, old style 2 long, 2 short bolts.


S3 front head removal, really , the bike has been pampered, 35000 km with the original very crappy paper rockerbox gaskets.. normaly these would start to leak much sooner.


S3 front head removal, but you see these are begining to tear, good thing , will replace these for the new one piece metal / rubber coated gasket.


S3 front head removal, also still old model, and i think first intake seals.. an no signs off leaking bike is really driven nice.


S3 front head removal, head bolts loose.


S3 front head removal, head off to the machine shop, some protection nothing falls in.


XB engine rebuild finish, intake manifold back in, these seals have been leaking.


XB engine rebuild finish, last time the engine gose up in a long time , don't forget the breather valves.


XB engine rebuild finish, exhaust back on, realy common damage to the underside.


XB engine rebuild finish, no spacer rings used ? the belt tensioner has been toughing the exhaust bracket.


XB engine rebuild finish, witness marks on the straps, will spacer the tensioner so this will not happen again.


XB engine rebuild finish, stator plug back on the wires.


XB engine rebuild finish, and foot peg brackets back on.


XB engine rebuild finish, hooking up the electrics.


XB engine rebuild finish, the cltuch cables can break so easy.


XB engine rebuild finish, luckaly a T25 bit is the right size to tap it in the broken off peice.


XB engine rebuild finish, and screw it out.


XB engine rebuild finish, i clean the threads.


XB engine rebuild finish, prep the cable with some neverseas on the outer adjuster.


XB engine rebuild finish, cable on, oil in, clutch adjusted.


XB engine rebuild finish, dham... ripped to screws threads out, and did not even gave it force yet.


XB engine rebuild finish, nice left a nice rond hole.


XB engine rebuild finish, ok tape the cover hole closed to no debris can fall in , and drill the broken holes to oversize for thread insert.


XB engine rebuild finish, tap the oversize for the insert , and chamfer the edge.


XB engine rebuild finish, better than new.


XB engine rebuild finish, system check.. oil in, and ready for first start up.