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17-9-2016 Uly leaking exhaust, XB crash

30-9-2016 - 17-9-2016 Buell Ulysses leaking exhaust gasket / mouting good exhaust. Buell XB crash repair

the front header on this Uly is leaking 

as the nuts had rattled loose

all becaus there is no front exhaust mount, so the exhaust basicly hangs on the header... will fix this

ncie Uly 

start striping topside 

top tie rod off and electrics disconneted 

removing the old iron

simons car exhaust ?

front stud came out the head, lucky non broke this time

engine supported, and removing the front bolt 

and dropping the engine to remove the header

front header retaining clip for the flange, this broken clip is way tightening the nuts did not help with the leak 

has been ratteling for some time 

intake manifold out to, as the intake seals where leaking , allen bolts right side 

front sprakplug is also gone , will replace this 

spark plugs looks like they have been in a very long time... will replace these

running lean

throttle body out , and let it cool for a while 

first new stud in and clean out the gasket aria with a scrape

double up 2 exhaust nuts to turn the stud in 

note the height it needs to be turned in, as this model has the tick flanges the studs need to stick out more

new retaining clips on the exhaust to hold the flange

and headet back on ... fideling witht he nuts to start theme ( rear ) 

throttle bodie cleaned and new gaskets in tighen it evenly

sparkplugs in the easy way :-)

and new cable on

checking the rear cable... the lock clip was broken,

lock clip use from the rubbed down front cable , make sure you hear these clip on so there secure

engine back up and front bolt cleaned and put some neverseas on

notished the right front seal was also leaking ... will fix this right away 

protecting the top cap from scars with some isolation tape

new seals on again isolation tape on the sharp edges off the front leg to protect the new seals , and fork back in place

the alu front exhaust mount bushings in the case

and nice TQ hammer exhaust ready to be put on

rear straps loosly mounted.. front the front secure and with out tension before tightening the rear

everything tightenend and tapped the tension out the front pipe connection , and the clamp can be put in 

decal on... nice even with out front spoiler

conencting the top side.. ziptie the tps wire to the fuel rail so the wire ends going in the sensor will not move to much

cut off and removed, old exhaust valve actuating cable , and she is ready to go 

bad mishap... very unlucky new owner just bought the bike... need to get it going for now 

tail piece is completely broken off 

stripping the tail first.. battery out 

seat lock bracket :-( broken off the seat 

wire loom and fuse box loose and out

removing all the screws

bought side rails broke

lucky the frame tabs are still intact 

fuse box/ seat lock bracket bend... easy to straigten

as the bike did fal on the swing arm.. it has moved in , loosening the pinch bolt

and loosening the axle a little the swing arm pops back out

now the side rail top mount bolt broe off

bought sides 

drilling a pilot hole left twist dril , left came out east

right side neede to tap a old tq bit on to unscrew