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27-8-2016 XB12X tuning, XR1200 mapping update

15-9-2016 - 27-8-2016 XB12X tuning, XR1200 ECM update, XB9S hammer time and mounting a short tail

Early morning... XB12X runs like crap, please look at it... i see a a wonder box is mounted with adjusting dial for how much HP you want :-X ... and tps was at 1.4 deg...

what douse these kinds off wonder boxes do ... well faking the intake air temerature sensor signal making the injection think the temperature is colder and so making the fuel a little richer... douse it work... well to be short. not really

i removed it and will hang it on the wall.. where it belongs

i think we are going to make a apoint ment aswell to put a decent exhaust on... this is a frabricobbled car exhaust , front hanger is left off , a wonder the front header gasket is only leaking, and not broke studs / header already

i will put a fuel mapping in for now, for a open pipe... and free upgrade this to the exhaust off choise ... so it will run ok for now

upgrading a very XR1200 fuel mapping... only one i have ever seen fitted with a fuel level indicator

as it is a very nice XR1200

nice paint work

and nice intake / exhaust / suspension

the wheels are hydro dipped , looking very cool

as are the pully and side covers

very early 04 XB9s in for a TQ hammer , and short tail

as orginal 04 's XB9 models, where not really much imported over here, a rare one, this is a US model , california specs to be exact , hence the active carbon filter for the fuel vent

as the engine cools down , i start with the tail section , electrics off , and the 4 bolts out

and loosen the 2 under tray screws , they don't have to be removed completely , you can slide the tail section off

easy peasy... complete tail off

customer has choisen a black aluminium short tail version , nice and strong

licence plate bracket on, loctite on the screws

red LED option ( normaly comes with a white one )

with these tail sections , it is easier to mount the indicator when the tail is off ,

tail section on, little loctite on the mounting screws

and multiply choice hooking up the electrics ... they use strange colours in china ;-) yellow is ground, and black is feed

flyscreen off to change the front indicators

unplug the wires and loop a ring spanner to remove the original nuts

new indicators on... check it they work...

looking nice

moving down on the bike... mnnn will call here... this defenaly needs replacement , front engine rubber is gone

but for now, chin spoiler off

stock exhaust front hanger bolt out

and loosen the front strap a little

front clamp off

and with a little luck you can unscrew the rear clamps trough the hole, with a long extention

original XB9 exhaust, the early ones had no exhaust valve in

i noticed the side stand pivot pin was loose, will fix this now , before it breaks

pivot out , cleaning the threads

grease on the to be greased parts, and red loctite to hold it down

you will need some force to pull the spring back on , a spring puller is very handy , also for allot off other things

side stand off to mount the chin spoiler bracket , put some red loctite on these bolts

side stand back on with the chin spoiler bracket

pre assembled the TQ hammer

mounted... tap the header connecting with a rubber hammer a few times to free the tension and tighten the clamp

right side bracket back on

use these underlay nylon washers with the shoulder bolts, with out the clamp the plastics to little , and can rattle loose

name plate on :-)

licence plate , ours are from thin aluminium, only bolted down it will rattle over time , best to put some double sided tape on there so it will not rattle and break

airbox / filter check , nice and new K&N filter was already in, but the intake air restriction ( noise and emisions ) was still in

i will take this out, and give it some more free horses

fuel mapping put in, and tps reset

running nice.. she will love it :-)

to make it official , and for next service points where she come a little warning sticker to point out we have put a fuel mapping in the bike

now the front isolator as this is really gone

engine supported and loosening all the 3 bolts

i think the customer thought the vibration was normal... as it has been riding on the end stop for some time

new and old , the bump stop on the new isolator in intergrated in the rubber in stead off a loose rubber ring , and the new isolator has a pressed in silent block in stead off the vulconised rubber in the old model

little neverseas on it , so in the future it can be removed easy with out this bolt has been seased

red loctite on the 2 engine bolts

and tq it down to 66 Nm

looks allot better , clutch cable bracket on... and she is ready to go