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Buell 1125 Crush drive play

28-9-2018 - a short instruction how to fix the crush drive play on your Buell 1125

the Buell 1125 models came out the factory with a crush drive in the front pully, this helps in gearbox wear and helps to give a smoother ride.

crush drive 1125 

how it looks on the bike without the belt and belt cover 

now as the bike ages the crush drive rubbers tend to compress some. And this has the effect that some free play can  exist on the front pulley, 

this has a big effect on the feeling how the bike rides, light thottle , on- of the throttle feels like a little lag .. a bit neveus feeling 

Here is a movie with the old free play

loosen the bolt size 16 , carefull as there is a O-ring under the bolt head to seal for oil leaks , remove the belt 

and you can take off the whole unit, tapping the center bearing out from the inside 

to split the crush drive

you see nothing really wrong, only the rubbers are a little crushed.. we have replaced the rubbers more that ones, only to find out the free play will come back after some 10000 km done , simpeler way to fix , fil the freeplay gap with shims 

 cut 6 strips roughly 30 mm long 19 mm wide and about 0,6 mm thick will work perfect in most cases , off course iff the rubbers are completley gone, advise to replace these first Part numer G1441.1AM


now how to mount...  easy.. drop of sticky grease on each flat , and stick the shim on..  and push the hub back in the cruch drive 

if all workes you should not have any free play left on the front pully.

movie testing shimmed crushdrive


clean up the bearing, and apply some lube, and mount the front pully without the mounting cap with race 

note perfect moment if you see a little leaking from the sealing ring on the outgoing shaft to replace it now part number X0070.1AMA

line up the center cap with the pin 

check the o-ring is undamaged , put a little blue loctite on the bolt threads and tighten the center bolt with 110 NM 

officialy you need a lock tool , but mount the belt and hold the rear in place will work to tighten 

tighen belt / rear axle and test ride 

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