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6-5-2015 Uly time again

7-5-2015 - Nice Uly brought in for service and check up


Uly time, guess what is wrong , no comfort kit scoop... so fan blow under the seat.


Uly time, first other things, taking off all covers, notice the side stand is loose , will take off the exhaust later


Uly time, oil drain


Uly time, bike was running on 1 cylinder, front plug is blown


Uly time, will change the rear pads, and lube up the sliding pin


Uly time, mnnn tell tale signs, rusty water...


Uly time, yep wheel bearings will be needed


Uly time, primary tension is a little loose


Uly time, eeeh a lot loose wink-emoticon


Uly time, new bearing is, remount the rear brake caliper to loosen the screw, bolts and pins


Uly time, before you push back the caliper piston clean it


Uly time, sliding pin cleaned, and fresh brake pads in


Uly time, oily saddle , rear rocker covers gaskets are leaking


Uly time, top side air box off, and tie rod loose


Uly time, loosen the rear exhaust straps , gave theme a little more room by losening the idler bracket


Uly time, hot , bike was just running to see if the spark plug replacement was the problem running on 1 cylinder... stock exhaust disconnect the exhaust valve cable


Uly time, with the exhaust off, remove the loose side stand bolt ( 3 x on the Uly models with the new model side stand )


Uly time, and thighten the side stand bolt , using red loctite.


Uly time, ready to rotate the engine down


Uly time, loosen the head temperature sensor


Uly time, and loosen the cable guide


Uly time, cover off , and new gasket on


Uly time, cover cleaned and back on the engine, pull the head sensor though. will not be the first one to pich this sensor wire in between the rocker covers


Uly time, with the engine rotated down, easy rear spark plug change


Uly time, engine back up and tighten the mounting bolt to specs


Uly time, very rare for me to actualy mount back the exhaust valve cable little never seas on the connector


Uly time, exhaust back on, with front hanger bolt in but not tight , tighten the fron strap


Uly time, check on the headers for tension , a few gentle wack with a rubber hammer will release any tension in the connection


Uly time, no loosen the front strap a little so it is not very tight ( they break very easy due to heat expansion off the exhaust ) and tighten the rear straps


Uly time, air box back on


Uly time, and time to check the front end


Uly time, new front wheel bearings needed


Uly time, forks back in after oil change, i could hear a small knock in the steering head, so will retighten the bearings, leave the lower triple t clamp bolts loose


Uly time, and loosen the pich bolt for the steering stem nut


Uly time, remove the handle bar


Uly time, and retighten the steering stem nut


Uly time, mount back the handle bar and fasten all triple t bolts


Uly time, brake fluid nasty stuff, you notice when it is long not replaced it will go thought the rubber compensating membrame


Uly time, new fluid in


Uly time, and for the rear off course


Uly time, running warm for oil leve check, and electrical system check.. test ride.