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5-9-2015 Smoking Sportster ULY big service checkup

9-9-2015 - What did we do today 5-9-2015 Smoking Sportster, ULY big service, Uly check up

Smoking Sportster, again abused, trying to keep up with the big boys... not really with a 35 HP 883 , clutch letting the smoke out , again 

Smoking Sportster, yep smoking... really special as we used to race this clutch pack with a 150 HP XBRR with slipper clutch

Smoking Sportster, dealer has taken all out already where it was stranded

Smoking Sportster, even the pressure plate is worn in... they worked hard to do this with only 6000 km on the bike

Smoking Sportster, hub bearing feels gritty, will replace it

Smoking Sportster, c-clip off

Smoking Sportster, and the hub, can bepressed out.... black from the burning oil

Smoking Sportster, hammered in reall hard and and pressure ridge on the hub is also worn in, will order a new hub and heavier spring, as this is going no where, and i'm afraid this is really a drivers problem...

Uly Big service

Uly Big service , respecteble, still looks nice

Uly Big service, out with the old oil

Uly Big service , covers off while draining, and front plug out

Uly Big service looking good

Uly Big service , loosened the outer cable clutch mechanism to adjust the clutch ramp

Uly Big service , checking belt and spring tensioner on workings 

Uly Big service, little debris on the oil drain plug, fine grey metalic dust , small signs off ware in the engine, nothing to much yet

Uly Big service , gearbox oil back in

Uly Big service , and hook up the cltuch mechanisme to the cable

Uly Big service , adjusting the clutch , counter clock wise untill it bottoms and back off a 1/4 turn

Uly Big service , prime the oil filter 

Uly Big service , and with a fast wirst movement fill the engine oil

Uly Big service , rear op in the air, shift to 5e gear , to check the primairy chain

Uly Big service , look for tight spots and adjust if needed

Uly Big service , rear wheel out to check the bearings... good to go untill the next service

Uly Big service , pully has it nicks, but nothing sharp on the edges 

Uly Big service , rear brake caliper checking on movement and play on the sliding pin, still perfect

Uly Big service , gapping the plugs and little neverseas on theme before they go in 

Uly Big service , top side remove the airfilter box

Uly Big service , mmnnn that is a little to much... given the fact this is not looked after in 16000 km , will clean and check the next small service , but piston rings are starting to ware out

Uly Big service , rear plug with extention and wobble joint

Uly Big service , new plug in

Uly Big service , and checking the spark plug cable connections on corrosion and rubbing

Uly Big service , checking the front spark plug cable so it douse not rub 

Uly Big service , cleaned the box and airfilter

Uly Big service , and time for the front end

Uly Big service , lower front fender off and loosen the caliper bolt while still on the ground

Uly Big service , loosened the axle

Uly Big service , and front end in the air to take out the forks and wheel

Uly Big service , front bearings are almost gone.. will put new ones in there

Uly Big service , cleaning up the lower legs, as the forks will be slided in completely , the dirt will hurt the seals

Uly Big service , little isolation tape to protect the fragile alu nut to loosen the top cap

Uly Big service, in the spring releave tool, and break the connection from the rebound damper

Uly Big service , forks cleaned and fresh oil back in , back in the bike

Uly Big service, while pushing the legs in, check so the wires are not pinched against the handle bar 

Uly Big service , wheel back in with fresh bearings

Uly Big service , high fender screws back in

Uly Big service , and refleshing the brake fluid front

Uly Big service , and rear ... she is good to go little checking on the oil blow by. but she sound still good smile-emoticon

Uly check up... special ductape shifter knob

Uly check up... the rubber looks better 

Uly check up, the customer had a original ecm lying aroung... did not came with the bike but with the 2e hand exhaust he bought... perfect.. works for me , xb9 ecm out 

Uly check up, grond cable check up... mnnn 

Uly check up, the brake line is rubbing over it like this

Uly check up, will make new ground connection to it

Uly check up, new terminal and some heat shrink, looks beter will position this to the left off the bike now

Uly check up, head light back in 

Uly check up, grab the rails from time to time and push the bike down and pull it up... you will feel if the rail bolts are loose, as these are also a ground point from battery to the engine, they need to be tight 

Uly check up, stetting tps for the new ecm.. and startup .. ok runs but nor really nice.. checking the intake seals... yep leaking