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16-4-2016 M2 oil pressure, , Uly belt

31-5-2016 - 16-4-2016 M2 oil pressure, , Uly belt

on where we left off , shifter on.. use some loctite on the pivot bolt —

rear wheel in the air, on a padock stand, gear box in 5e gear and bump the engine over untill you have a tight spot in the primairy chain, adjust on the tight spot

there was a gasket in , but i will use the stock o-Ring for the inspection cover

little never seas on these screws and not to tight please.. they can become a pain to loosen with the small allen socket

home made exhaust back on , well done i like it

burning hands time... a little idle ( slow jet ) adjustment , you will hear it run nice when your there... not much mesure more a feeling, after so many , you get a feel for it

air filter back on , i will remove the backing from the one side sticky gasket ;-)

nice mod for the idle adjuster

tail section back on

ready for test ride,.. need to say wel build

very nice done

uly belt quicky

belt cover , pully cover off and the 2 fender screws removed

axle pinch bolt loose

and loose the axle

as i want to check the wheel bearings i remove the rear caliper

new belt al ready inside the padock stand ;-)

axle out , and wheel bearing check , these are ok

so foot peg bracket loose

on a uly with cases also remove the bolt on the rear off the passenger peg

foot peg bracket a little to the side to have acces to the swingarm brace

old belt.. has become a feather the throttle belt ;-)

cracks and wear marks all over , inspect the pulleys on wear and sharp edges

new belt routed on

now first the swingarm brace back in place

footpeg bracket back on, start all the screws first, the case bracket can be a pain to start the bolt

inner belt protector back in place

and tighten the belt and axle ... brake caliper back on , and thighten the axle pich bolt