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9-1-2019 S1 engine finish, handle bar swap M2

22-6-2019 - What did we do today 9-1-2019 Buell S1 engine finish, handle bar swap Buell M2

we needed to wait on a set piston rings for this engine, 1250.. kit — at Twin Motorcycles Buell Support forever.

but they arrived , i love these cylinders look at the wall — at Twin Motorcycles Buell Support forever.


much better then stock , see the liner has come loose

oil ring waver on and put the oil ring in

the grey 2e compression, shiny one top compression

pushing in a loose piston ring with the piston, so the ring is even in the bore

to measure the gap. 2e compression ring is ok

top ring is to tight

so little at the time grind it open.. debur and clean and try again

cylinder upside down.. and tapping in with the piston ring sleeve

pre mount the piston pin

double check piston orientation

double check piston orientation

piston pin pushed through the connecting rod end. and last clip mounting, use a clean rag to cover the case hole.. to much work to retrieve the clip from the bottom of the case

cylinder hold downs on

and turning the engine over a few time

head on

oil the head bolt on the flats and on the threads to lower resistance

hand tight at first

then tq the heads down, follow the instuctions with your gaskets... there are smal variations

pushrod cover o-rings in

and the pushrod covers... a crime for some

i push theme down on the pin, and tighten the bolt, i do not have much trouble with these

all 4 on the engine

pushrods back in.. long ones are exhaust

typical markings rocker box bolts as the rocker arm shaft locking is not nice in position

the right side holes , you see the rocker arm lock notch, make sure these are flush with the hole bore

old style bolts long ones and short ( new style are all the same length )

turn down the rocker box evenly and give the lifters a little time to bleed

tq the rocker box

one wat valve for the breathers

new ones in

gaskets on place.. line out the spacer ring and the cover

top brace on

starter motor on

intake manifold. think these where leaking :-)

re mount theme with new gaskets

timing plate on

and deco cover

exhaust gaskets in the cylinder head, save the customer some time

old style rotor.. bolt are tight.. of couse better to mount the newer one with more bolts

primairy on

new seal in the cover

cover bolt.. i do a drop off loctite on

and tighten the cover bolts

new o-rings on the inspection cover , and hand tight

clutch bal and ramp mounted.

clutch bal and ramp mounted.

some notes for the customer

breather oil hose on

and ready for pick up , some things are better mounted with the engine in the bike , like clutch cables ect..

M2 — at Twin Motorcycles Buell Support forever.

nice M2 , need to replace the rocker box gasket leaking and the handle bar

firs the handle bar. throttle handle loose

bar ens weights out

brake of

flyscreen of .. i will put new wel nuts in

dash out the way and handle bar clamp loose

simple test middle section is flat on the work bench , left is 6 mm off

while the right side is on the bench.. handle bar is bend

new bar on

checking the left to right

dash plate back on

clutch switch cable back in

glue on the bar and push the grip on the bar

need to replace the throttle grip to .. cut the rubber of and aply glue

and push the throttle grip on

tommorrow... rocker box gasket is leaking

looks like old 2 piece paper gasket was till on .. these will all start to leak after time