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1-10-2016 valve adjustment 1125, XB with 140000 KM

13-10-2016 - 1-10-2016 Buell 1125 valve play adjustment, Buell XB with 140.000 km in for brake pads and front wheel bearings

on with the 1125, new wheel bearings in the rear and putting here back on here wheels

swapped the bike around, and now first to do where see came for , valve check / adjustment 

size pods off 

mnnn always one who don't want to play nice... screw seazed in the brass insert and the insert spins in the plastics... i thake a powertool, and spin the insert so the plastic become soft , and pull it out.. i will 2K epoxy it back in later 

left pod loose 

front wheel and clutch line loose

front legs out 

cutting loose the wire harness to the left pod brackect

disconnect the rear o2 sensor ( lowering the engine will can pull this off ) 

airtintake out 

front support to lift the frame , while the flat jack will lower the engine

right side middle engine bolt " the long one"

front bolts out front the K-bracket 

and left middel engine bolt out, loosen the rear ones ( bought sides ) 

ignition cover protective plug out 

and the seal plug out, it can leak a little oil , not much

a little light attached to the front support , so i can see what i'm doing 

engine down... loosen the rear o2 sensor wire so there is no tension on it 

coil out and cover off , checking the valve play

counter clock wise turn over the engine to measure the outer cam

when you need to adjust , taking notes helps , in this case front cylinder the intakes where to tight

so wiggle the cam follower arm position lock out to slide the followers off the valve 

and with a magnet you can pull out the valve shim

you need a good caliper or micrometer to measure these.. the printed indication will not be readeble anymore

finding the right ones..... gotta a try full off theme ;-)

correct size shim in and slide the follower back on position

turn the engine over so the shim is seated good and check again , to know your math did work :-) 

and push the plastic lock in place

cover back on, coil in, check the connector front coil to be sure it locks... these can come loose during mounting the intake air scoop.. so if your not sure take a little ziptie and secure the connector lock double 

so rear one... left see if this one want to play nice,

ok that was easy on this one, it can be a pain to get the rear cover off sometimes and you need to loosen the electrics further

note the folower locks are shiped differently front / rear as the valve cover gasket is also differtent , need to adjust the rear exhaust as these where to tight 

cover back on, before you fasten the screws.. check the gaskets are still inplace.. you will not be the first .. heating up the engine to find the rear valve cover gasket slipped off during mounting 

strange noise in the front

whowho... she made it , next goal is 200000 km

yep she had a hard life, but still run resonbly well 

front bearings are done for... only the 3 set on this bike

i noticed the caliper bolts where tight in the lower leg.. the aluminium is crushed many many times , making the hole smaller, i open up the holes with a drill , so i know the bolts will get there correct pretension

the noise. brake pads where gone..

for now new pads... i think the disk will be ok.. as it just started an not ,uch scaring on on the disk

set to TQ and she is off again