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6-2-2016 S1 racer trouble shooting

1-5-2016 - 6-2-2016 S1 racer trouble shooting

tail section back on

ducatie ? no sorry

the tail light wiring, source off all evil electrical problems pinch connectors

as the ignition sensor was replaced by the owner, i will check the base timing

crank needs to be on the mark points, to see you need to unscrew the plug

rear wheel on the stand, but this high performance engine turns to heavy , removing the plugs to bumb the engine around by the rearwheel works better like thi

timing is spot on

plug are dirty, but brand new.. with the good mixture they will clean up, but the gap is to narrow , so i will set this a little larger

little creamic grease to save theme from seazing

mnnn . O2 plug disconnected , i need to call the owner when and how

i will zip ty the diagnostic plug on place i can just plug it in , with out having to remove any body work

after a phone call with the owner, the ecm that is in was placed in after the problems started , but was no solution, famous names on the ecm smile-emoticon but i will check the ecm that was original on the bike

ok afv also out the roof on this one, set like this ? of became like this ( with o2 sensor learning )

nice front end btw.. S2 WP Roma front forks

ok original ecm mounted tps set and afv to 100 , and she tends to drop out off idle after few minutes ( after the extra start enrichment is off )

a little leak detection , hard to notice on a bike that runs rich, but i notice the seals are leaking

ham cam off , creatice use off a XL centered can

airfitler base plate off

and manifold bracket off , strange why the spacer is put inbetween the bracket and the manifold, normaly best to put this to the outside ?

throttle cable loose

disconnect the fuel line , put a rag under and carefull as the bike had run recently there should be fuel under pressure

handy caps to stop the filter from leaking

and loosening the manifold bolts

connectors off , injectors and tps sensor to make some room to the right side

the "difficult "bolts , wobble joints and ball end bits , but carfull this cannot take much force , i have broken a few ballend bits

needed to loosen this with the good old cut off 1/4 allen key , before i could use the wobble joint

yep vacuum bites in the rubber , these have been leaking

in bought

as i know the old style X1 / S3 injectors can have a problem , and these are very dirty, lets check theme and clean theme

screw out holding the rail and remove the injector clips

they look dirty

and it look on the o-ring connection to the manifold the rings did not seal good anymore , looking at the dirt pattern

so injector testing

looks good, about equeal

i will clean theme ultrasonic anyway

mnnn ok won a few cc after cleaning smile-emoticon nice , more is better

and they look nice now

with new o-rings back in the manifold

mnnn haircrack in the manifold runner, that is a first for me, it douse not show light

and it has been repaired, and they did a good job on he repair. i will give it a go

as the seals where leaking

manifold in place . loosely

moutning bracket on and 2 screws in to align the manifold

and tighten the flanges

little hydor loc tite on the breather bolts

i really have second thought over the breaded hose... it is basicly a file scraping on everyting , and i don't like the mounting like this.. i will have a call with the owner to see how far he wants me to go