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28-2-2019 1125 clutch slave XR1200 heavy clutch

30-10-2019 - What did we do today 28-2-2019 Buell 1125 starting & clutch slave cylinder, Buell 1125 trouble shooting, XR1200 remove heavy clutch spring.

vroom.bang . she is spitting here plugs dirty. letting here cool to check — at Twin Motorcycles Buell Support forever.

next 1125 from germany.... trouble shoot, no power above 5000 rpm

need to remove the pod cover

as i don't see the diagnostics plug

behind the pod cover

ok lets see what happens ? fuel presure is all over .. typical sign the wires runing into the pump have bad contact.. as the fuel pump pressure is electrical regulated , voltage issues will cause this to fluctuate , this needs to hold steady +/- a little not swing all over the pkace

check under the seat. fuel pump wire is rubbed, but douse not run on anything

airpressure sensor.. mounted to collect rain

these sensors do not like this , mount theme with the open hole down

mnnn no more starty ?

light has also stopped ?

fuse ok. but no juice

meehhh... ground cable was loose to the battery pole .. wonder it would start

anyway , mounting it correctly .. starter button and light works again

opening up the airbox

to have a look under .. pull the fuel pressure sensor connector of

and the fuel presure runs to max.. in this case way to high , indicator problem

on the 2008 R models.. the fuel rail is still plastics... these can break very easy, after years of heat desingration , Buell has changed these for metal fittings on the 2009 models . for safety a very good choise

carefully the line of

and fuel pressure meter on see clip
need to contact the customer

engine 1125 on the lift

and going to try to change the front plug..

mnn.. clean and look .. i think it also needs new seals

clutch slave is leaking .. sorry to say , expected this

anyway, right pod a little out the way to to have better accex

i don't like these irridium plugs.. 2 set that gives me a headage

new plug in

and bended the coil back in not prevered way to do this , on your own risk , i don't like to bend the coils so much

air intake back in

and front wheel in

caliper set to tq

and after setting the front forks.. tighten the axle pich bolts

and changing the easy plug / rear one

slave clutch cylinder replacing.. zip tie on the lever, so the complete reservoir douse not drain

puddle brake fluid... as a sign the seals are leaking

remove the pulling nut

see the scratches on the seals

the soft outer sleeve. gets dammaged to soon

outer cover off, and c-clip out

new oberon slave in

in place and -clip back in

cover back on

use the new cruch washers in the set for the banjo bolt

heat shield back on

and bleeding the clutch cylinder

again running.. still not nice.. error code engine temp sensor ? value -10 deg.. yep this will give way to much fuel

xr1200 HD clutch spring mounted.. but can be ligther again

shifter of

and drain the fluid ( upgrade clutch pack already mounted )

loosening the clutch cable adjuster

and loosening the primairy chain tensioner

cover of

and clutch spring tool mounted

hd spring is on the bottom. more and thicker steel

spring on , cover on

and setting the primairy chain tension