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12-3-2015 Some Ully Love, finishing XB12S repairs.

13-3-2015 - Daily driver uly, in for a 16000 km service and some love. Finishing a Buell XB12S.

Daily driver uly, in for a 16000 km service and some love.


Daily driver uly , for a big service, it works so much easier just to strip all body panels off.


Daily driver uly , pivot buching in the cltuch lever is worn out, customer aske for a new one with less vibrations.


Daily driver uly , as the bike was running rough i supected leaking intake seals, tested and indeed the did leak, during oil drain strip the rest off the top side , rotating a engine with a big service is making some things really easy.


Daily driver uly , signes of a leaking clutch cable and, short trips in the cold.


Daily driver uly , yeah right... i'm not even gonna try to loosen this , adjuster is corroded solid.


Daily driver uly , and is leaking oil... i will put a new cable on.


Daily driver uly , mounting the new cable staid, will protect it from overtuning the outer cable and start leaking on the metal connection.


Daily driver uly , gently fasten... they break very easy.


Daily driver uly ,clutch cable routed up and clutch adjusted.


Daily driver uly , new lever and pivot pin , little grease will not hurt.


Daily driver uly , wheel bearings are still ok.


Daily driver uly , as douse the belt.


Daily driver uly , primairy chain checked and adjusted.


Daily driver uly time to drop the engine , if you support the engine good, you can unscrew the bolt with your fingers after loosening.


Daily driver uly , spark plugs the easy way, with the engine down, piece off cake.


Daily driver uly , and removing the manifold, a cut off allen key is very usefull to loosen the screws.


Daily driver uly ,gaskets hard and nasty looking.


Daily driver uly , cleaning up and fresh gaskets, manifold back in.


Daily driver uly , mnnnn that needs to be connected to the heat sensor lead... will crimp a new terminal on.


Daily driver uly , air filter base plate back on after a little cleaning.


Daily driver uly , moutning back the throttle cables, noticed corrosion on the starter button connection.


Daily driver uly , cleaning.


Daily driver uly , and some protective grease will do the trick.


Daily driver uly , slowly going to look like a bike again , cover back on.


Daily driver uly , front fork oil change, clean up the lower legs very good, as your about to push the seals down to the bottum to change the oil.


Daily driver uly , front wheel bearings are ok.


Daily driver uly , front back in and tighten the axle.


Daily driver uly , and tighten the caliper bolts.


Daily driver uly , front brake fluid change.


Daily driver uly , and the brake lever can also use a little grease.


Daily driver uly , cleaned an lubed feels like new again.


Daily driver uly ,rear brake fuild change.


Daily driver uly , and test ride..


XB12S finishing, new front tyre was put on.


XB12S finishing, and a freash rear one will ride so much better.


XB12S finishing, belt change, remove the footpeg bracket.


XB12S finishing, and remove the swing arm brace , after you loosed the axle.


XB12S finishing, still first model belt they become rare these days ( belt is upgraded about 7 times )


XB12S finishing, new belt on , a aftermarket replacement one was choisen.


XB12S finishing, first swing arm brace back in place , than tighten the axle putting tension on the belt.


XB12S finishing, use never seas on the lower belt guard screws , they sease up pritty fast in the swing amr.


XB12S finishing, fesh brake fluid in.


XB12S finishing, , heating up and checking oil level... time to test ride could not detect any pinging to setting the base timing was the tric