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28-2-2015 XR1200 repairs last things, XB Clutch.

3-3-2015 - Buell XB12X Ulyssus, clutch repair. Harley Davidson XR1200 repairs, fork seals, oil and map updating.

XR1200 repairs , the seal on the right leg is done closing the front leg.


XR1200 repairs , i push the legs 1 cm higher, will steer better.


XR1200 repairs , left leg ou the bike, i will clean it first before i take it apart.


XR1200 repairs , loosening the top cap.


XR1200 repairs, the left leg has a "normal" spring construction , taking off the preload and remove the spring , and drain the leg.


XR1200 repairs , to take it apart you need to remove the damper by unscrewing the bottom screw.


XR1200 repairs , bolt loose and damper out, drain further.


XR1200 repairs , gently tap the chrome cover off the seal , take the dust seal off and remove the clip.


XR1200 repairs, sliding the outer and inner tube using theme as a slide hammer and tap the oil seal out , you see the loose cup that is on the bottom off the damper.


XR1200 repairs , new seals on.


XR1200 repairs , for mounting push the cap on the damper.


XR1200 repairs , and mount it upside down, so the cap can not fall off.


XR1200 repairs , and tighten the bottom bolt again, use a new crush washer.


XR1200 repairs, after filling with oil, bleeded the damper , spring back in and preload tube.


XR1200 repairs , and put the leg back in the bike.


XR1200 repairs , wheel back in , thighten the axle nut.


XR1200 repairs , and mount the calipers back on.


XR1200 repairs , last thing,oil change... after a little tap on the starter, as it dit not want to play nice , started here up, now the oil can drain completely from the tank, but this one is just low.


XR1200 repairs , updating the fuel mapping and let here warm up to check oil level... and she is ready to go.


Ully for repair, we need to make some repairs on this bike, customer did a really nice job cleaning the bike.


Ully for repair , as the rear rocker cover gaskets where leaking and destroyed the cooling fan... but no signs from leaking anymore, after the customer cleaned the bike.


Ully for repair , i will start with the clutch replacement, the clutch cable is sweating a little, i will repair this to.


Ully for repair , clutch cover off.


Ully for repair , removing the clutch cable, best to unscrew this from the primairy cover in a straid line.


Ully for repair , drain plug out , chain tensioner loose.


Ully for repair , and unscrewing the cover.


Ully for repair , i love the smell of burned clutches :-X.


Ully for repair , with a clutch spring tool , very easy job to remove the spring.


Ully for repair, last one in should be a friction plate.


Ully for repair , cover TQ down, and fill with oil, for the barnett clutches ATF D4 is a nice oil , the Formula + stuff is a little thick, and can cause the clutch to drag when cold.


Ully for repair , a piece off heat schrinke tube with glue over the sweating cable will prevent it from leaking.


Ully for repair , some loctite on the shifter bracket bolts, and closing up the primairy, next job next week.