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17/18-07-2015, X1 Oil cooler, XB small check up, X

19-7-2015 - What did we do today 17/18-07-2015, X1 Oil cooler, XB small check up, Xb front disk

very nice X1, small oil cooler to be mounted 

X1 oil cooler, mounting a oil cooler is best done with oil change, so drain the oil

X1 oil cooler, and while draining start removing the front t-bar bolt , as usual corroded , nasty place for a bolt in the spray off the front wheel 

X1 oil cooler, the JAG small oil cooler kit. the kit can be found here:

X1 oil cooler, come with everything you need, check the nut , and the oil cooler adaptor for burs the kit can be found here:

X1 oil cooler, old oil filter off , making a little oil screen from a oil bottle make things a little less messy 

X1 oil cooler, as the complete assembly is hold on by the original oil filter mount, check this , or remove and fasten again with loctite so it will not come loose the kit can be found here:

X1 oil cooler, attach the hoses to the adaptor and mount it, again using loctite on the nut the kit can be found here:

X1 oil cooler, mount the oil cooler on the front brace and cut hoses to lenght so they run nice and not rub the kit can be found here: 

X1 oil cooler, to keep it tight best to leave the top hose off untill you mounted the oil filter , fill up with oil and let the engine run to check fot oil leaks... taking it out for a spin, to heat up the oil, and check again for sweating / leaks the kit can be found here:

XB Small check up, very nice bike with very little km done , as service or history was not shure... beter check her,

XB Small check up, little rubbing marks on the ecm wire loom from the seat , will take care off this

XB Small check up, missing bolts and other loose

XB Small check up, first looks can be deciving,, i say there was a other exhaust mounted, and for selling the bike the original exhaust was put back , front muffler clamp missing

XB Small check up, and the rear exhaust straps put back the lazy way wink-emoticon , little things if you know where to look for.. strap can be found here:

XB Small check up, checking primairy tension

XB Small check up, and belt ware is , small signs off ware are there..

XB Small check up, but the belt looks according the speedo read out , with little driving and wet surroundings the steel front pully corrodes , not really a problem, riding will rub this corrosion clean again, but this speeds up the ware on the belt

XB Small check up, wheel bearings in perfect shape

XB Small check up, so fresh oil filter on

XB Small check up, trow away the screwed up chin spoiler screws 

XB Small check up, exhaust clamp mounted

XB Small check up, front end check up

XB Small check up, everything as it should be... nice and alsmost new

XB Small check up, re-isolated the rubbing mark, and routed the ecm wires so this will not happen again

XB Small check up, just push the suspention off jour bike sometimes, i noted the rear was not reacting really nice, rebound was a little to slow... adjusted it a little better... hope he likes it; smile-emoticon


XB front disk, a other beuty in for new disk...

XB front disk,with the last service i allready noticed the warping , you can see on the band wear marks on the disk the disk is concave

XB front disk,, pich bolts loose front axle , front axle a few turns loose, front fender removed

XB front disk, with the wheel on the ground , break the loctite bond on the caliper bolts

XB front disk, and with the caliper still on loosen the brake pad pin bolt a few turns , as loosening this when the caliper is off can be a hand full

XB front disk,front off the bike supported, front axle out

XB front disk, becareful hitting the spokes with the brake caliper and take the front wheel out

XB front disk,, loosen the disk mounting bolts

XB front disk, check the floating mount hard ware if there in good condition, and springs are not stuck

XB front disk, new disk, clean the conservation material off with some breakclean. The disc can be found here:

XB front disk, loctite on the disk mounting bolt

XB front disk,place the disk, and start fasten the bolts look for the bushings are in the slots and tq down the bolts to 35 NM The disc can be found here:

XB front disk, new pads in. The pads can be found here:

XB front disk, wheel back in , lubricate the axle

XB front disk, TQ the axle to 55 NM ( counter clockwise ) and tighten the brake caliper 50 NM

XB front disk, back on his feet, push the front suspention a few times so the front legs can set, and tighen the pich bolts

XB front disk, why new pads , they where still very thick... pads and disk wear bought to each other, you can see the same band pattern from the disk on the brake pads. using these pads on the new disk will make this pattern again in the disk