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7-4-2016 small service XB, Mirrors and M2 carb oil

21-5-2016 - 7-4-2016 small service XB, Mirrors and M2 carb oil ight burning

where we left off yesterday... wheel out and bearings check, ok

wheel back in and brake caliper bolt on, use some loctite for these bolts

thighten the axle but wait with crash protection untill you have tightened the pinch bolts , as some crash protectors can pull the front legs in

font fender noticeble rubbing marks couse by the gasmask

brake fluid change front and rear

and clean out the compensating membrame

next up from Belgium in the rain... small check up Buell XB9SX 2010 model ( is for sale by customer email us for information )

drain oil while hot.

the spoiler screws are a little chewy , and need to hammer in my T27 bit to get theme out, use good fitting tools !!

chewy expencife screws..

oil filter out, new filter ready and primed

good habit, checking wheel bearings... even it is a 3 wheel bearing 2010 model and has only done 8000 km , off course these are still perfect

don't forget the aditional spacer !! 2010 models only ( left side off the wheel , usualy the dust seal holds it in place , but check if it is stil there but check when you have take out the wheel )

mnnn shifter bolt loose

put some loctite on and tighten, these screws can come loose

checking the primairy chain tension, hot engine , the play is less

checking battery pole connections

front end check fender off

wheel bearings are good to go until the next service or front tyre replacement

wheel back in set the TQ on the axle

mmnnn missing indicator , ripped off and makes a short circuit

placing a new one , kellermann i put a light grade loctite on the replaceble stem , as i notice these can come loose sometimes

and reconnect the wires, nice

even this is a very fresh bike i noticed the grease on the master cylinder was getting chunky and crusty , a little cleaning and relubing makes a world off differance

replaceing the brake fluid and testride

yellow and red... new mirrors needed !!

some very nice arrow mirrors on, my personal favorites

M2 oil pressure problem, after making a new connection on the pressure switch.. looking good, oil light stays out..

but the gearbox breather is sill puffing a little oil.. will replace the crank seal after i contact the customer

but first , choke cable , proseries ham can off

smart modification, all sorts off these little things on this bike... nice idle adjuster

mnnn head breahter bolts i can remove by hand ? they should not be stupid tight as they break very easy , but hand tight is really to loose

carb off

clean way off draining the bowl unscrew the drain plug and the fuel in the bowl will drain from the little overflow hose

choke cable , unscrew the plastic plug

and take the plunger out

remove the 90 deg bend, spring and plunger and put these back on the new cable

not many people know the front screw is to tighten the resitance on the choke cable so it stays open

while we are here... and a little running issues.. checking jet sizes , looks a litle small for this exhaust and intake

main jet is finger tight ? really

open pipe , 200 main will do nice , 45 slow

checking the needle

needle ok.. top cover back on, make sure the brass spacer is under the throttle cable holder

i always check the working , and float needle before i put it back on,

simple check if there is fuel in the bowl... accelerating pump should work when you twist the throttle

carb back on, hydro loctite on the banjo bolts

choke cable back on, plastic threads... carefull not to tight