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11-4-2014 Buell Xb12SX, XB12SS, HD XR1200.

5-2-2015 - Buell Xb12SX 2010, Crash repair. XR1200, Service. Buell XB12SS, rear tire change.

 Buell Xb12SX 2010, Crash repair , customer had a little mishap, ugly damage, headers, exhaust, frame.


Buell Xb12SX 2010, Crash repair,swing arm, belt + guard, pegs.


Buell Xb12SX 2010, Crash repair, brake lever , handle bar twisted.


Buell Xb12SX 2010, Crash repair, brake pedal.


Buell Xb12SX 2010, Crash repair, ugly frame dent, the frame puck worked, but replacing the frame would mean a total write off, customer want to keep his Buell, so he is settling with the dent.


Buell Xb12SX 2010, Crash repair, stripping parts.


Buell Xb12SX 2010, Crash repair, right side pegs need replacement ( and coating ) we will coat the left side pegs and lever to.


XR1200, Service.


XR1200, Service , spark plugs out.


XR1200, Service , fusebox corrosion, i take all fuses and relais out to clean the contacts.


XR1200, Service , engine oil and gearbox oil drain.


XR1200, Service , new plugs in secure the wires so positive click on the plugs.


XR1200, Service, loosen the clutch cable outer adjustment screw , for mechanism adjustment.


XR1200, Service , prime oil filter, and lube the rubber a little.


XR1200, Service , squiky gear change, footpeg holder still tight.


XR1200, Service , little bit off grease will help , put the foot peg bolts beck in with loctite.


XR1200, Service , checking primairy chain.


XR1200, Service , checking rear wheel bearings, belt, and idler pully bearings, all still ok.


XR1200, Service , removing front wheel.


XR1200, Service , front calipers off.


XR1200, Service , front wheel bearing check , still ok.


XR1200, Service ,replacing front tire.


XR1200, Service , little marking on the rotation off the wheel 



XR1200, Service , but you can also see this on the brake disks ( if there mounted correctly )


XR1200, Service , brake fluid replacement , rear.


XR1200, Service , and front.


XR1200, Service , fuel tank off.


XR1200, Service , air filter box off.


XR1200, Service , the bike was leaking watter and oil out off the air filter, the breather hose was not correctly in position so the breathers condensation was accumulating in the airfilter box.


XR1200, Service , twisted the T joints , so the hose end is positioned right.


XR1200, Service , cleaning up the oily mess and put the velocity stack back on correctly.


XR1200, Service , fuel tank mounted back.


XR1200, Service , and the outer cover back on.


XR1200, Service , lining out the outer cover around the fuel cap.


XR1200, Service , greasy mess, clean up , bike has a error code AIC valve, tried to clean it , but this will need replacement.


Buell XB12SS, rear tire change.


Buell XB12SS, rear tire change , tight axle , needs the breaker bar to loosen it.


Buell XB12SS, rear tire change , fat tyre week 



Buell XB12SS, rear tire change , bearing felt not good, better replace theme before they fail.


Buell XB12SS, rear tire change , fat sausage looks good.


Buell, XB12SS, droping, battery change and replace lost barend cap.


Buell XB12SS, rear tire change, battery was getting old, and had no good cold starting capacity ( takes some time when you push the button , before the engine starts to turn over )


Buell XB12SS, rear tire change , bar end cap on.