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What did we do today 12-11-2015 XB12 mounting back

13-11-2015 - What did we do today 12-11-2015 XB12 mounting back

Xb flintstone smile-emoticon very good fuel economic ... time to put the engine back

XB12 engine, the 3e gear shifter dog was worn out , see the heat coloring and one side off the ring is worn down

XB12 engine, fork destoyed , bike would not take 3e gear anymore

XB12 engine, striping down a engine, can bring some surprices... the cams where loosing metal

XB12 engine, 2 out off the 4 where bad, normaly you would have noticed this when they become realy bad and start to make noice , we have replaced these for a set new ones

XB12 engine, powerplant ready to go in

XB12 engine, first to and some mounts back

XB12 engine, and cover the holes before anything falls in , speed sensor

XB12 engine, with the engine half way in, route the gearbox breather hose throug the strip left side rear corner

XB12 engine, bike in the hoist, and the straps holding the swing arm to the frame for moving purpose can be removed

XB12 engine, first in rear engine mount bolt

XB12 engine, than swing arm pivot, sometimes you get this one in very easy... other times you need to take the rear wheel out to aline the swing arm , and tq the swing arm pivot

XB12 engine, now to first ad some heavy metal, shifter mechinisme back in

XB12 engine, a little dab off silicone to bed the stator wires

XB12 engine, adn put some silicone on the stator plug to make the plug oil tight

XB12 engine, with a new gasket, push in the starter motor from the right and tighten the bolt s

XB12 engine, spacer ring / oil spatter plate for the main gearbox shaft, douse not look good in the clutch basket side

XB12 engine, yep, need to replace the clutch hub bearings to

XB12 engine, and the race on the clutch hub was to far gone .. needed to replace this too.. , the race can be a pita to remove... as it is hardened steel, it is brittle uses this to remove it, with a dremel zip disk i cut the race , and a hammer tap with a cold chisel in the slot, will break the race and you can take it off

XB12 engine, new race pressed on and plates back on

XB12 engine, and hub bearing pressed in , ready to mount back

XB12 engine, primary cover back on

XB12 engine, first starter motor cable hooked on, before we do anything else as the oil line will obstuct the acces

XB12 engine, removing the transport plugs from the oil line fittings

XB12 engine, and press the lines in , check the c-clips are secure and will hold the lines

XB12 engine, the exhaust saddle bracket was already cut to mount it easy

XB12 engine, and mount back the oil line brackets

XB12 engine, dont forget the pinch bolt for the swing arm pivot

XB12 engineand with the engine rotated about in place , tighten the rear engine bolt

XB12 engine, hooling up the starter motor plug, and ziptie the wires there to getter, make sure there is enough clearance to the header

XB12 engine, front mount back on

XB12 engine, and cover up the front hole in the case , with the crank position sensor


XB12 engine, v-brace with regulator and oil cooler back on

XB12 engine, mounting back the header... lucky me .. broke off a stud while tightening

XB12 engine, looking at the fracture... yeah... thank god it did break now, and not when the customer had the bike back.. would not been amusing, and it would have definaly break as it was already cracked

XB12 engine, lucky me 2 ... stud extractor did not work.. but brike clean off , nice start point to dril it out

XB12 engine, dril jig.. worth it's weight in gold , i made some 6,3mm dril bits on a seamless welded rod , so i can dril with out hitting coolfins , this way i can dril front and rear studs with out having to remove the engine or heads

XB12 engine, using kobalt dril bits, are defenaly a pre drilling tool steel grade studs

XB12 engine, cleaning / retapping the 5/16-18 threads in the head for the new stud

XB12 engine, and mounting back the header for the 2e time wink-emoticon

XB12 engine, clutch cable on , easy on the tension ... they break easy

XB12 engine, top mount / coil bracket back in place

XB12 engine, manifold back on and check the alinement off the coil bracket

XB12 engine, last look for the engine is up... put in the breather valves

XB12 engine, and tighten the front engine bolt

XB12 engine, with engine in position.. gearbox oil in back to level.. with a clean and dry build.. you need a little more than 1 bottle

XB12 engine, v-brace bolted on, and stator / regulator wires hooked on, after heating up the engine i will mount the scoop back on