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27-10-2016 XR1200 K&N airfilter and mapping upgrad

12-11-2016 - 27-10-2016 XR1200 K&N airfilter and mapping upgrade, Custom XB making it run, M2 88 dyno, 1125 engine crash protection, Sportster clutch the sequel

this very nice XR1200 showed up for a K&N airfilter and upgrade on the fuel mapping

to get the airfilter out we need to take off the fuel tank, remove the 4 screws holding the cover ( north , south, east and west screws

and pull the front up , removng the fuel cap if it snags

below the cover you find the rear mounting bolt

and the front one, remove these

and remove the 2 screws holding the airbox

now you can lift the fuel tank a little to pull the airbox out..

use a needle nose to take the head breather hoses off

off completely

check the butterfly screw.. there been reports these came loose

now remove the 2 screws for the side cover

and twist it off

stock paper filter

with only 12k done, pretty dirty

just for compairishment our HPA airbox filter to a stock filter ;-)

K&N filter in the stock housing and all 9 screws back in

addind some free Hp

cutting the slot bigger will ad some , and is hardly noticeble to see when on the bike

the rubber goose on first on the throttle bodie

hook the flappervalve solinoid in ( euro bikes only ) the mechanisme is removed, only the magnet is in for the error codes

tturn the tank back on the bike ,line up the front bolt holes , and push the bolt though

little grease on the airilter bolts... these can become so tight you need to destroy the airbox to remove it, so treath theme well

rear mount lined up and bolt in

now the cover... can be a pain , as some tanks swell , this one resoneble good, push the rear in the slots

than push the cover forward

and screws back in place... putting the fuel cap on to the screws cannot take a bath

upgrading the fuel mapping, she will run sweeter dan she did

custom Buell... put the right fuel mapping in , and lets see how she runs

still the fuel pressure is not working good... drops way to low , test with the sensor disconnected

full boost .. that works

and yet a other fuse blown... mnnn

voltage mesuring

and yes a other one..

lots off wires to choice from for a short

but it looks like this one

i let her heat up untill 190 deg C , the breather solution starts to foam... enough for now , let here cool down

sportster clutch again... during test riding i felt the bike creep forward in gear... and the freeplay on the handle changed... the only thing that is automatic is the valve play... not the clutch.. so something more is wrong

so do it again... should have check the clutch the first time :-( cable loose

oil out

clutch mechanimse ou

shift lever off

and cover off

cutch tool on to remove the pressure plate

bugger... the transmission demper plate has grenaded

the rivets have come out and the plate came apart

ending up with lots off debris in the clutch basket, killing a good clutch working

checking the pieces.. all counted for so nothing went in the gearbox

the 2 friction plates next to the damperplate are grinded clean by the rivet heads , left one

and right one

the rest is still ok. i do a old trick here... remove the transmission damper and put a extra pair off plates in,

clutch back in

cleaning the pressure plate behind the spring... as debirs will collect here

and pressure plate back on... the spring needs to seat good, and the carrier ring should surround it

cover back on

setting to TQ start in the middle spiraling out

oil back in and bal and ramp back in adjusted

setting the free play on the lever by adjusting the outer cable adjuster

and the foot peg bracket back on ... test ride ;-)

1125 mishap covers... there not listed for th old style 08 cover , but it will fit

looks better than the road rash and will protect it for the future

cover on with the bolts provided

and ignition cover on..

note the koper washer , needs to go back here

the provided bolts come with a new one

should be mounted like this

cover on bolts to 10 NM

M2 88 on the dyno, has had it heat cycles, now heat here up slowly

first 10 km variating the rpm , man this bike feel powerfulll

checking for oil sweating, as this is the first time the oil gets a little heat

looking good so far... to morrow 2e warm up and will start to measure the AF , to finaly make some full throttle pulls

Custom XB making it run, need to cancel out things... fuel perssure sensor , i will check it

even after some hours still a little pressure left in the system... that is a good sign

out with the old and in with the new to rest

while i'm oalso testing the ground to the ecm ... they are ok

still the fuel pressure starts good, but the signal voltage from the control wire to the ecm flucuates way to much

video from the osilating , the voltage flucuating is not rpm based , idle or that 4000 rpm it behaves the same , i need to take the pump out, as i think it is behaving badly clip off the fuel pressure

there is little data in the books how much referance voltage it needs to be... so just checking on a 1125 , as it hase the about the same fuel system , voltage regulated by a pressure sensor, voltage is steady as is the fuel pressure ...ok need to take the fuel pump out on the XB