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20-6-2015 Ulsses troubles on Holiday

24-6-2015 - 20-6-2015 Ulsses troubles on Holiday

Uly troubels , long way from home on a very buzzy day , with the request make my bike running again.. coughing and spitting 

Uly troubels,long history off all things checked and replaced by the HD dealer, i can put a fuel map in to make it run better, but first troubles need to be fixed.. as the intake seals where leaking bad , so engine rotation , striping lower plastics

Uly troubels , and top side stripped down, remove the upper tie joint to rotate the engine

Uly troubels , coil loose to have clearance to the throttle cable nuts / lock brace

Uly troubels, remove the fuel line quick connector ( can be a pain to push -pull and press the tabs 

Uly troubels, engine down, acces to the manifold bolts 

Uly troubels, the seals where on to loose, the flanges flat , a little bending to make theme a little hollow so the seals get more clamping pressure

Uly troubels, manifold back in, just to be sure no fuel pomp troubles measuring the out put pressure , is perfect

Uly troubels, hehe... runs already better, now to make it really nice smile-emoticon


Uly troubels, stock exhaust off

Uly troubels, the rear straps can give a little hassle to remove, but it look better with the connections on top , well worth the effort

Uly troubels, exhaust on, easy way to put the straps back on, screw the nut on, and rotated the strap in posistion 

Uly troubels, back to Denmark with very little brake pads left ?

Uly troubels, better put some fresh ones on... little job

Uly troubels, very little room to mount the front screws, wheel needs a little turn to acces theme

Uly troubels, the right spoiler bracket was to close for comfort to the oil line so bending the bracket a little out so the screws will not vibrate to the oil line

Uly troubels, good travel back Carsten was nice to meet you, i hope you enjoy your bike better now smile-emoticon