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24-6-2015 Uly time , tires and belts Xb / 1125

25-6-2015 - What did we do Today 24-6-2015 Buell Ulysses maintenance time, tires and belts. Buell XB belt tensioner repair. Buell 1125 belt replacement

Uly time, Daily driver for a check up 

Uly time, notice some thing is leaking oil.

Uly time, clutch cable was fixed on the road, but time for a new one

Uly time, while draining the engine oil take the clutch mechnisme out 

Uly time, the boot for the outer cable adjustment is cracked and crispy —

Uly time, when this boot is cracked it acts as a funnel to poor watter in the clutch cable 

Uly time, and make the gearbox oil slutch

Uly time, new cable routed up, mount the front tab and tei rod with loctite

Uly time,and adjust the clutch mechisme lighty bottuming

Uly time, and loosen a 1/4 turn , place the lock nut spring and cover back on

Uly time, use loctite on the bracket mounting bolts

Uly time, and adjust the outer cable to 2 to 3 mm on play on the lever , never seas on the adjuster and put some tyraps on the booth

Uly time, oil fiter change

Uly time, rear wheel inspection , take the brake caliper off

Uly time, wheel out for bearing inspection , are good

Uly time, but the tyre can do with repalcement 

Uly time, and while the axle was lubed, it turned very hard will clean up the axle and hole in the swing arm

Uly time, following the oil leak tot the airbox

Uly time,, now it has been a long time this bike was in for regular service, so this is about 20000 km ish... will clean it up, and need to check this more often, replace the piston rings / over size pistons , i think the rings are starting be worn out 

Uly time, box cleaned and back on 

Uly time, real uly riders always carry a spare belt smile-emoticonchecking battery poles 

Uly time, front wheel check, everything ok

Uly time, front end back in

Uly time,brake fluid change front and rear 

Uly time, checking the tail section as i hear it crack when i push the rear, checking the bolts for tightening , test ride

Buell XB belt spanner intermetzo, belt broke, big nick on the wheel, but the tensioner is stuck to 

belt spanner intermetzo, as we needed to happer it apart it was seased

belt spanner intermetzo, will clean up , and place a new pin and grease so it will pivot again

Xb12R rear tyre and belt... tyre looks very well used wink-emoticon

Xb12R rear tyre and belt, removing the lower guard , and loosening the axle

Xb12R rear tyre and belt, with the belt tension loose the foot peg plate and swing arm brace can be removed

Xb12R rear tyre and belt, fresh tyre on and new belt on, moutning every thing back 

1125 belt replacement

1125 belt , all covers off to replace the belt

1125 belt , take the swing arm piece out

1125 belt , ad remove the idler pully assembly , and twist it open ( losening the idler pully bolt a few turns )

1125 belt , there is a dimple in the front pulley to help to mount the belt 

1125 belt , foot peg bracket back on adn put the swing arm bracket back in

1125 belt , and gently turn the wheel and slide the belt in place , and tighten the rear axle , i do this while rotating the wheel

1125 belt , and covers back on, ready for the TT in assen smile-emoticon