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19-8-2016 lots off little jobs... taking my time,

9-9-2016 - 19-8-2016 lots off little jobs... taking my time, but start engine, and monster bore is ready on the dyno, now make it back in street trim

M2 engine blow up / big end failure

crank is overhault , start with the 5e gear bearing

gear pressed out , big ass c-clip pliers to remove the big one , and press the bearing out

new bearing, with steel cage

ready to go back in

and clip back on

5e gear bearings out

and new ones pressed in

nice , crank with new bigend pin / bearings

you need to pull it in spocket side case half.... and right at this point , i noticed some one has dropped the box with the crank to hard... as it is out off true :-X dhammm crank out again and back to the machine shop

Dris was ready tuning the monster bore , little picture our dyno

we put measure headers so we use 2 wide band sensors to see the front and rear cylinder , and monitoring everything

141 Nm and 103 hp at the rear wheel, you see it runs out off breath high rpm... but the TQ is very nice, here in comparison with xb12 engine and same exhaust set up , our TQ hammer single tip... not bad for basicly a slap on bigbore kit ( 90") with very little valve work, and stock cams