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2-3-2016 connector 77 repair, start up XB9 rebuild

1-5-2016 - 2-3-2016 connector 77 repair, start up XB9 rebuild engine for customer

the connector 77 repair kit, for the regulator connector

we already marked the black wires comming from the regulator

cut the wire ends and crimp the new terminals on

plug theme in the connectors

and easy fix.. charging like never before... 14,3 volts idle

pulley covers back on and chin spoiler back on , and bike is ready to go

XB9r with allot off km done, last year we diagnosed the crank bearing had failed... customer repaired this him self , but asked us to do the final checks before startup

so first things, clutch cable was not yet connected, to the lever, and fill gearbox oil

outer cable adjuster turned loose for adjustment on the mechanisme

so we can hook the cable in the lever

mnnn... funny way to route the gearbox breather hose, will reroute this to the top

customer told me he had rinsed the oil system and swing arm... i know better to check this as the bearing debris is very hard to clean from the swingarm , to my surprice some cleaning fluid still cam out the oil tank

and the did not bother to clean the drain plug

magnet on a stick poking around in the oil tank i could still pick up some debris.. will not kill the enigine right away as the routing is from the oil pomp to the oil filter before it enters the engine but it is never a good thing

very expencife metal flake ( crank bearing material ) i made a few more passes with the magnet, and rinsed the tank out as good as it gets.. no more debris on the magnet, contact customer about this, we got a go ahead to proceed

first things first, clutch mechanisme in and adjusted

loc nut + spring back on

checking primary chain adjustment , ok

right side , pulley cover off, wiring is a loose, and can tought the belt , will clean it up

front tie rod bar bolt that was missing in , and adjusting the outer cable adjuster

the oil lines to the cooler are rubbing , the braided lines work like a hacksaw , i will make this so they don't rubb

hard to get to but i could just make half a turn on the oil cooler nipple to loosen it a little , positioning the oil line better and retighten

looks better now

timing plug out, to check the base timing

and wheel axle and sprocket nut check ( customer asked to double check this )

meeehhhh... i know it makes no differance but there is a nice side on the idler pulley , it is not this side , with the belt tension off little work

tightened the front pulley nut.. the lock plate will alsways fit many positions to try

but use a blue loctite on these bolts, i have seen these come loose and punch a hole in a belt

belt idler back on, nice side facing out, and ugly nut in

rear wheel axle tq back to specifications and tighten the pinch bolt

looking at all the work done, well i really want to check under the airbox before i push the starter button for the first time

common mistake putting the breather hoses back in the wrong way, they need to cross over

so everything open, first power up in a very long time.. everything powers up, ok.. so check basic timing and start the bike