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13-11-15 Xb engine startup, fuel pump problems

14-11-2015 - we do today 13-11-15 Xb engine startup, fuel pump problems

Xb engine startup, on where we left off, hooking up the top side , coil back on

Xb engine startup, spark plugs back in

Xb engine startup, pulley back on and lock with the plate use a little loctite on the screws i have seen these drop out and detruy a belt

Xb engine startup, side stand and exhaust back on

Xb engine startup, as the header was removed and new gaskets fitting i need to adjust the mount a little

Xb engine startup, little rotation and ready for the bolt and tapping the connection piece with a rubber hammer to free the last tension

Xb engine startup, idler pully back on , loosen the belt tension by unscrewing the rear axle

Xb engine startup, chin spoiler mounts back on

Xb engine startup, some neverseas on the shift lever and tighten it

Xb engine startup, checking the primary tension

Xb engine startup, with a dry engine ( empty case, it needs more oil than with normal oil change , after final oil level check it needed about 0,5 liters more than normal

Xb engine startup, she fires up with the first start.. nice, but with the new oil pomps it can take some time before all the air is out the pump and system

Xb engine startup, as you really do not want the oil pressure light on to long, with a little airpressure help in the oil tank it will get oil pressure faster so the rocker arms don't run to long with out oil

Xb engine startup, the bike is running very nice, so time to dress here up and take here out for a spin

Xb engine startup, test ride smile-emoticon i love my job

Xb engine startup, she is running perfect, shifts perfect, no leaking gaskets. but steering feels funny, as sometimes it feels like she is dropping into corners, need to check the front end

Xb engine startup, front end supported and wheel out

Xb engine startup, wheel bearings are perfect

Xb engine startup, i could not really feel it untill now... steering head bearings are notchie... ok replace them


Xb engine startup, front legs out and head light bracket loose

Xb engine startup, headlight light bracket loose

Xb engine startup, and twist out the headlight with bracket

Xb engine startup, security bit to remove the steering lock

Xb engine startup, steering lock out

Xb engine startup, dash removed, and you can now pull out the left side plate

Xb engine startup, disconnect the switches and the throttle cables and you can take off the handle bar, brake and right side plate in 1 go

Xb engine startup, steering stem nut loose

Xb engine startup, and with a gentle tap the lower triple t come out

Xb engine startup, no special tools than a heavy hammer and a long drift to tap out the old bearings , , there are 2 notches in the frame on the bearing seats for the drift , using a heavy hammer helps

Xb engine startup, just me being qurieus.. to see how the old bearings look, not completly fubar but, very notchy running

Xb engine startup, grease is at a ration in the steering bearing makers.... gently remove the seal and fill theme up properly, and press the seal back in

Xb engine startup, if you replace them allot you make your own pulling tool smile-emoticon

Xb engine startup, bought bearings in with the edge sticking out

Xb engine startup, cleaned the stem and some grease to prevent it from corroding

Xb engine startup, 1 leg in to aline the plates and tighten to specs

Xb engine startup, handle bar back on

Xb engine startup, contact lock back on , behind the long bolt is a spacer

Xb engine startup, clutch cable and lever back on

Xb engine startup, tacical positioning off zip ties on the cable harness so it can rotate with out having to much catching and snagging

Xb engine startup, speedo back on, leave the rear rubbing busing on, and peg the 2 front ones throught the bushings

Xb engine startup, to have good alinement on the flyscreen screws , position these and hold theme in place with a screw before you tighten the headlight bracket

Xb engine startup, wheel back in, feels allot better nowsmile-emoticon

runnign problems, after a lot off checking and not able to find the problem, the customer did a fuel pressure test, only 2 bar , he took the fuel pomp out and send it to us, to check what is wrong with it

fuel pump problems, first check the wire loom on rubbing marks

fuel pump problems, as this is a newer model fuel pomp a other know problem can be the press in seals to the filter - regulator connection, looks like this is the problem

fuel pump problems,regulator housing removed yep the press on seal is cracked

fuel pump problems,, and brittle

fuel pump problems, new filter new press in rubbers . hard to find some times in the catalog part number P0164.K , replace theme on bought sides !


fuel pump problems, back assemblied... now how to test ? before we send it back to check if the pump is ok

fuel pump problems, mnnnn i have a old fuel line

fuel pump problems, so i can hook up my fuel pressure meter