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12-3-2016 early morning start

1-5-2016 - 12-3-2016 early morning start, XB12SS topend overhaul, 1125 check up, xb battery and belt

top end over haul, v-brace and side stand / crank position sensor connectors plugged in

hooking up the top side

throttle cables on and the coil can be mounted back

in pretty shure thte customer would not mind if i mount new sparkplug cables

exhaust on... rear axle a little loose to releave the belt tension.. and remove the idler pully

on off the first customers who ordered. our new duall tip exhaust , as he wanted more sound

for the faint at hart, if you put back the engine, leave the plugs out and put the gear box in 5e gear bump the engine around a few times so you know everything is ok , no interferance contact .. because off the rough and new bores can feel a little heavy

ok.. that said , time to get some oil top side, leave the plugs out, disconnect the coil

and disconnect the fuel pump

check the oil pressure light if it working

as the bike was take care off very good.. when i check the oil and i find only a little on the stick... i try and turn the engine over on the starter first a few time, as i know the oil is drained back in the case


after some turning over on the starter motor the oil is back to level , and we have oil pressure

so making ready for the first start... plugs in

than can my 11 a clock apointment , little check up for one off the nicest 1125r i have seen

little exstra care to protect the carbon fairing , i i don't dammage it knocking it on the lift

oil drain right side plug

and left side , take care when hot !! it can stream out with some force make sure you position your drain pan good

oil filter cover off and pull out the oil filter

and mount back a fresh K&N oil filter

belt check , remove the guards to have a better look

the pinch bolt rear axle on the 1125 is metric 10mm allen !!

belt is still perfect , as the rest off the bike , a joy to work on

rear brake check of the cylinder is not seezing , you will notice this when you feel more than normal play on the lever

front end check up

the 1125 is mostly metric

front wheel bearings are still good,

the big 8 pot caliper has slots in the back to line up with 2 spokes for mounting

nice an clean axle, turns very light

brake caliper bolts loctite and 50 NM

push the front suspension down a few times to set the forks on the axle before you tighen the pinch bolts , this can make a world off differance in the feeling of the front suspension

nice levers.... no grease .

let me fix that for you... will help to prevent the brake lever feeling digital ( on/off ) in the long run )

and some fresh brake fluid in the front

clutch lever has even more moving parts i could feel this one sticking a little , clean and put some grease on it

especialy the rotating bushing that actuates the pushrod in the cylinder

the clutch brake fluid is the only fluid that become dirty really fast , good to replace it every year

battery pole check

customer has modified the head light... mean looking .. nice

evil eyes

engine warm up , and leave it standing straight for 2 minutes to check and set the level correctly

XB battery problems... bike would not start anymore

looks like the first one... they can become bad over time.. will still hold 12 volt , but the crank capacity can go down, so the bike will not start anymore

new battery in

plus side first , than the gound

66% charge and 233 cca for the new battery

while the old battery is only at 173 cca and is 71% charged... and this is just mesured after a 1 hours ride.

as the belt is also showing little cracks , we desided beter save than sorry.. and put on a new belt , pully cover off

i take off the brake caliper even when i'm leaving the rear wheel in , as the wheel can push the disk warping it

pich bolt loose and axle loose

about 15 turns and the wheel is on the small part off the axle , and the belt tension is off

now remove the swing arm brace , you will need to loosed the right foot peg plate for this

crack on the old belt.. not really bad.. but form experiance there is no telling how long this will still last

new belt on , first put the swingarm brace back in place

gently rotate the wheel and put the belt on the rear pully , and tighten the axle ver

covers back on

an rear caliper back on

check if the bike charges ok ... yup plenty

xb12 first time out, stutter and hesitating...... bike was put away with a almost empty fuel tank... i suspect there is water in the fuel now ?

but first check the rest.. battery connection a little loose

idle charge not really much, but with a little refss it charges ok 14+ volts

connector 77 looks ok.. the bike did idle ok now and was hanign ont he throttle ok.. but after a short trip with hard turn left , the bike died... i will first drain the tank before i do anything else

just time engouh to give the top overhaul here first heat

she is running ... sound ok

after 15 secondes .. 55 deg C cylinder temp.. that is how quick new bores ( rough ) can heat up .. enough for now, let here cool down and next week the rest off the heat cycles