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28-1-2016 Service Check up Uly daily driver

30-1-2016 - What did we do today 28-1-2016 Service Check up Uly daily driver

long time customer, brought his Uly in for a overall check up, and fresh fluids

coffie cream ger box oil... down side off bikes taking daily trips in low temperature, the oil douse not get hot enough to evaporate the condens ( as it is a open air breather )

mayo any one ?

mnnn lock nut is ratteld loose, look for these little things on your bike, leave things loose for a long time will wear out allot off parts because the vibrations

oild style side stand pivot... still tight ( we aplied some 272 loctite on the threads long ago )

rear pads... will do untill next service

checking the belt for dammage and wear


check rear wheel bearings, remove the rear wheel

as expected ( replaced these not long ago ) these are fine

rear pulley is starting to get "sharp" will be something to keep a close eye, as to sharp pulleys are very hard on belts

new rubber... will be good untill summer

wheel back in and axle to TQ settings

primairy chain tension is ok

fresh gearbox oil , adjusted clutch mechinsme

a little neverseas goos a long way.. inside the booth is a little wet. but little corrosion on the threads

checked the protective booth for cracks.. there are non.. ziptie top en bottom end to seal fromt he front wheel spray

prime the oil filter and wet the O-ring a little before you screw it on

curieus minds.. we mounted a set off oversized pistons 6000 km ago.. for oil blow by in the airbox ( head breather ) cleaned everything then and replaced the sparkplugs , so these can stay, but i'm cureus to see inside

much better smile-emoticon a little film, taking in mind the pistons and rings needed to run in i would say , good to go

time for the front end

front ens supported and axle out...

caliper off the disk.. pads will not last untill next service i will replace these

front wheel bearings are due for replacement

also fresh rubber at the front, with new bearing will be good for a long time

no matter hard you try you will not get the full leg travel wink-emoticon i will clean these up before i take theme apart , sure way to ruwn your oil seals colapsing the front legs dirty like this


sweet spot uly 06-07 oil level... 10 mm below the inner legs with spring inside 15 Weight.. i heart-emoticon uly's

putting back the legs look out not to pinch the wire to the handle bar


new pads in


and front wheel back in , tq to specification


bring the brake up to pressure , always a unplesant surprice you gra the brake pushing the bike off the lift and you only grab air

put the rubber back in the slot on the lower fender


press down the front end a few times to set the suspesion and tighten the pich bolts


the bike has a fan problem, as only 15a fuses will hold, for emergencies ok. but in the long run.. you have a fan problem.. can turn into a ecm problem as the electronics inside the ecm can go bad on the higher Amps drawn

so fan replacement, normaly a piece off cake... but with the confort kit scoop in the bike, more work to just get the scoop out , battery out


frame rail loose


and battery tray out

now you can take out the scoop , to get to the shock and fan

fan screws out


and shock mount bolts loose, support the weight off the bike


and with the bolts and remote adjuster loose you can pull out the shock


and have acces to the fan mounting screws


on the later models the fan comes out easy, on the early models... you need to twist , turn, push and pull to remove the fan


no sense in leaving it a mess, while we are there, clean up the frame hole


mount the fan grill on the new fan and plug in the connector first and twist the fan back in the frame

shock back in place

airscoop back on

and mounting back the battery tray

fan check.. i could not imagine 13 years back on my first XB to check the fan with my phone... , back then needed to go to the dealers or hot wire the sensor to check fan action smile-emoticon the Buell community is a great thing smile-emoticon