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14-9-2016 M2 rebuild, XB12Scg troubles, XB Hammer

27-9-2016 - 14-9-2016 Buell M2 rebuild, Buell XB12Scg troubles, Buell XB Hammer time, Buell XB fixing broken studs.

M2 oil tank fittings back in , i use a little hydrolic loctite here, to help against sweating

the jam nut on the fitting tightened with the fitting correctly in place

oil tank back in, to give my self some more space i remove the rear wheel as we need to replace the tyre anyway ... this one is a little to attached to the bike as i need to hammer it out

yep... would look like that

now first rear tierod and ground back on, and oil tank lower bolts

cleaned up the axle a little :-) and cleaned out the spacers , and with some silicone grease back in

nice XB from Germany..

needed a little upgrade tuning for the old style race exhaust

back to the M2.return fitting back in the oil tank and running the lines down

header wrap.. customer wanted the heat shield back on... looks good in the style off the bike

primairy side, oil seal in , handy if you have a stamp for these

adjusting the shifter

and primairy drive back on , red lock tite on the nuts !!

XB12SS in need off some sound... we have that... and will ad some TQ along the way ;-)

first the chin spoiler off

exhaust clamp loose

and straps off

no longer used... i will remove this completely

TQ hammer... ready to go on

rear straps in place and front mount on

nice ...

removing the exhaust cable on the top side and placing a K&N filter

and after the fuel mapping put in... test ride :-) nice

M2 clutch pulling plate back in

primary cover back on , blue loctite and tq to 14 Nm

gearbox oil back in

shifter mechanimse back on.. use some loctite on the bolt

M2 position shifter pointing to the screw on the cover

front tie rod bolts and clutch cable bracket on

checking the oil pressure valve

as a oil cooler adaptor is mounted, i use red loctite on the filter adaptor

oil filter adaptor on

and oil filter pick up threads on

uly with a stud problem

stipping the top side as we know what needs to be done... leaving the fuel line and throttle cables on, only the top tierod bolt off and the clutch cable out the lever

mnnn.. strange how you start to recognise screws.. this is a manifolt screw ;-)

chin spoiler off, even with stock exhaust these crack over time

m6 in 1/4-20 yup... i see it more :-(

clutch cable out

and the start off the problem... missing front mount

clearly this exhaust is put on when the bike was sold... straps the "lazy" way

and a XB9 exhaust was used ... on a uly the straid outlet will hit the side stand

xb9 stock exhaust... no valve , must be one off the early ones

clutch cable looks like it is replace some time ago... now is rubbing against the oil lines , they act like a file

should be a cable bracket on the cable, to keep it off the oil lines

anyway... the broke stud...

needed some penitrating oil to get the one left on out

and it came out stud and all

engine supported, to remove the front engine mount

it douse not have to go down allot, just enought to get to the header nuts

o2 sensor disconnected and header can be take off

for the drilling tool to use i need to remove the post gasket

and mount a new stud, using 2 off the nuts jammed to each other to screw the stud in

i made some long dril bits to help with drilling, not needed for this position , but very handy

drilled the core out the stud, and retapping to 5/16 unc

and new stud in

and new gasket always a pain to put these in

header back on the ports and fingering the nuts on the rear studs

engine back up and front mount bolt tightened

w-brace back on

new bushings for the front exhaust hanger

and new saddle brace to hold the strap

i will mount the rear straps the "nice" way

thightening the front strap... not to loose , not to tight ... as the break very easy

i will replace the leaking seal to , with the bike still supported on the rear stand , and center lift

i can take out the leg and leave the rest on

yep... would look like that