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4-6-2016 tyre change xb, 1125 CR burned stator, ni

12-7-2016 - 4-6-2016 tyre change xb, 1125 CR burned stator, nice Xb12 custom look and see

early morning customer... rear tyre leak ... yep we can replace theme 

pinch bolt loos and axle loose 

nasty cut in the tyre 

off course check the bearings everytime you take a wheel out , these are ok

fresh rubber on and axle back to TQ 

as the front tyre is a very old one ( D207 ) customer asked to replace the front one too 

pich bolts loose

and axle loose , i like to do this with the bike still on it's wheels to put to much load on the stands 

mmm i don't like that... old wheel weight sticky tape left on.. will clean it 

bearings ok

axle lubed up to prevent the bearings will corrode to the axle 

it helps with alining the front legs if you put the caliper on.. the axle thread can some times cross thread very easy in the front leg 

1125CR stator burned 

customer had started the job him self , but asked us to finish it , he cut out the old burned stator to be rewind localy 

top side everything was loose already..

customer loosened the complete oil cooler to get the ignition cover off 

so much easyer just to take out the oil line that is blocking the cover 

timing sensor out 

cover off and the sprag clutch bolts out 

rotor nut loose and pulling it off , they can be on there tight , this one came off easy 

starter gear and clutch 

original wires where cut ont he stator 

and the stator was rewind, but the connecting wires used i really don't like to thin.. this is asking for trouble and the amps going through there is big 

little isolation was dammaged, but should work 

i soldered the stock wires on to the leads off the stator , a little tack solder to hold theme on 

and soldering this will make a good bond

wires isolated and bedded in some silicone , use lock tide on the 3 bolts holding the stator !! this one is ready to be mounted 

cleaning the starter clutch / sprag bolts to have a good bond with loctite

starter gear back on, lube the bearings planes for start up 

starter clutch / sprag cleaned and lubes and put on the starter gear 

check the mating surfaces rotor for hard left over loctite , clean 

rotor back on , turn the sprag plate so the bolt holes line up 

loctite on the bolts and tq down to 35 NM , and rotor nut back on ( need bought hands ;-) ) 

little silicone on the rubber wire inlet to the cover to help seal 

cover back on and mounting the oil cooler back on

nice custom XB came by.. nicely made very low milige , nice paint job.... customer told me bike is for sale — 

nice custom front end —

digi dash 

and widened rear wheel with fat tyre ... really nice bike