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25-6-2016 XB12R customizing, finishing up

12-8-2016 - 25-6-2016 Buell XB12R lots off customizing finished.

more nice thing to mount... spring loaded belt tensioner and new idler wheel

mount the 2 big washers first on the stud other wise the tensioner arm can hit the exhaust bracket

with the small spacers that comes in the kit, use these to fill up the space between the arms

than thighten the rear axle and fasten the pinch bolt

spoiler bracket on

and inner belt guard back on

the front pulley cover needs a little modification as the tensioner ( idler pulley can move now ) needs room to move

with a pair off wire cutters you can nip out the little piece

chin spoiler on, and check for clearance to the headers

nasty rubbing marks from race boots

with a little tough up spaypaint , we are not painters, but a little tough up , no problem

now connecting the heated grips... as this bike is not pre wired, we need to make a conenction ... the feed to the grips is a extender connection, so we can cut off one end , and use the left over end to make a feed and ground connection

headlight removed to have a little more room to play

connection made from the ignition switch, so powered when ignition is on

before i wrap up, testing ... yep works

front fairing back on and front 2010 indicators also mounted

and cleaning up the wire loom under the head light

front fender on, and preload the front end a few time and tighten the axle pich bolts

checking clearance inside the front member so nothing toughes , full lock left to right

fuel mapping in, and letting the engine purr :-)

seat screw rivets... some we can save with a thread chager

but this one was so loose , after a screw was cross threaded in.. needed replacement

new thread rivit and bolt and nut to pull the rivet

if you have no expencive puller this would be the way

but we have a expencive puller... works mucho plenty better ;-)

just little things... mirror hole plugs ... looks so much better

and new barend plugs in... hate these.. will always hit on my fingers as these can be buggers to mount

test ride :-), she rides very nice... hope the customer has a save trip back , as the weather is still very bad