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15-9-2016 Buell XB, X1, M2, 1125R

27-9-2016 - 15-9-2016 Buell XB front fork seal , Buell X1 trouble shooting , Buell M2 rebuild, Buell 1125R leaking.

Xb12 X font fork seals are leaking , usefull protection on the top cap to remove it 

in the spring compressor, works so much better than to turn off the preload adjsuter 

dust seal and retaining clip off 

and pull the legs apart like a slide hammer , remove the guide seals and check the condition

little craches on the leg, will clean it off a little with fine scotchbrite in a cross pattern 

and some pitting on the leg, will try it ones... if the seal fails again, i would recommand to replace the front leg

new dust seal, put the retaining ring on theme so this will not scratch the leg any further

some isolation tape on the sharp edges off the leg and slide the seals over

guide bushings back on, hammer the oil seal home

retainer back in , and oil seal on 

bleed the dampening by pushing the rod up and down intill you feel al air is gone , and fill to level 

leg back in and assembly further

axle to TQ 

please no grease on the caliper bolts

seen these come loose to many times loctite please

fender back on 

fender back on 

and rebuilding the top side 

checking iff the loose front header has disturbed the afv settings... looks like it as the idle is way to low

ahhh ilde is low because it is set way to low... tps reset and idle back to 1000 rpm.. rides better

X1 after hish speed ride the big will not run good anymore...AFV was to 150

supect the fuel pomp / regulator is leaking so it gives to little fuel , adaptor for the pressure meter mounted to the schreader test adaptor on the fuel cell 

priming pressure is ok

but the pressure drops off very quick.. and i hear it bleed off in the fuel tank.. i supect the o-rings on the pressure regulator are leaking

and the intake seals are shot... will contact the customer

nice bike and respectable km

m2 rebuild. fitting back the spacer for the shock canister

wires ignition sensor back on the connector 

routing the wires and front pully back on

there is always a position the lock plate will fit 

wheel in line and belt to tension

i cannot really adjust the primairy chain, as 1 cylinder is still off ( stil waiting on it :-( ) but this wil do for now

oil pressure sensor bak con

and routing and zip tie the wires neathly 

oil cooler on... need to remove the top shock mount bolt for this..

you really need to get the weight off the shock for this... the mount will turn on you 

ol cooler on

for a home made mod... not bad 

i felt the front brake lever and it is slow in return... a sign there is some thing not really ok 

and booth rubber looks like it has it best days some years ago 

take off the mastercylinder... the piston looks like crap

with a overhaul kit it will work perfect again , the bore was not corroded yet 

the new oneway rubber in , followed by the new piston, put a little brake seal grease on these

little silicone grease in the booth, so if there is watter penitration there is a grease barrier

snapy action now on the lever 

and bleeding the system , dot 5 for these classic buells 

this bike was brought in by the road assistance.heavy oil leaking clutch side, customer called " thought the engine had explode "

not the engine... clutch has been leaking a long time to the inside... keep filling the reservoir... when the space between the cover and the vacuum membrame is filled , the oil will come out anyway it can, when the clutch is pulled

cover off... yes indeed leaking hard..