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15-4-2016 charging xb, M2 oil pressure, Xb rear di

31-5-2016 - 15-4-2016 charging xb, M2 oil pressure, Xb rear disk gone

this XB broke down last week, with a indication off not charging.. while we checked the regulator and stator, they where fine, but the battery was to low to measure , so left it under the optimizer a few days

but did not help the battery is toast... no wonder it got so hot when the bike was running , 5,6 volts

so rubber strap off

battery connections loose


and new battey in, i will put some bolts in the loose battery tray. after removing passengers pegs. put some bolts back in to hold the battery tray.. i better for vibration

customer also asked to replace the front tire, so front fender off

caliper bolts out

wheel out , check the bearings !! these will do

fresh tyre on and wheel back in , tighen the front caliper bolts with loctite 50 NM —

and push the bike down a few times in the suspention to set the front forks , before you tighten the pinch bolts

testing if everything works now.. healty charge, and the battery douse not over heat

M2 oil pressure light flicker... we fixed some little problems already, but still the light flickers some times.. to rule out the electrical system on the bike i took a probe light from the sensor

directly to the battery as the sensor is a ground contact ... electrical system is ok.. probe light douse the same , flicker some times not directly with the rpm's

last thing to check before i open the cam cover to check if the correct gaskets where used.. change the sensor... mnn i found a little metal burr in the sensor .. this could very well be the cause of the light sensor light burning

testing witht he new sensor... oil ight is out and stays out., pressure is healty, and the presure valves are working good , as it takes a few minutes before the oil pressure is bleeded out after you stop the engine ... ok no we can procede with the next job

putting bakc the rear shock

i could here the primairy chain rattle when the bike was running.. so checking this for freeplay, mnn never saw this kind off gasket , normal is a o-ring closing the cover

primairy chain is way to loose

as i can move it up and down to much

as we have signs the left crank seal is leaking ,( the gear box breather hose is wet ) will remove the exhaust and take off the primairy

loose the tensioner.. this is not a nyloc nut , the plastic should be facing up to seal the threads going in the cover

old style drain plug to drain the gearbox oil

mnn that oil looks nasty

clutch mechnism out

shift lever.. notice it is pointing to the screw.. easy to put it back like this ;-)

tensioner shoe lokos good, with thick base plate

notice the rubbing marks on the rotor , chain has been swinging around

crank nut of left hand

main shaft nut right hand threads

matter off opinion, seal with the lip facing in our out.. in my rule book this way it will leak out when there is crank case pressure, mounted with the lip facing in the seal will seal harder when there is crank pressure

seal out.. the rubber has become hard , and will leak anyway yoy mounted

new seal tapped in place

primary back on , a drop off red loctite on the threads


and put the nuts back on , the washer on the mainshaft facing out , and screw on the nut with the washer so it can not get jammed between the nut and the clutch hob

check if the dowels are stil in place

and put the cover back on , new gasket , i tq these bolts , start in the middle and spiral out

fresh gearbox oil

i think my fear brake pads are gone ? really , customer is a daily rider , allot off city traffic all weather , takes his toll, and no regular maintenance, some where you should check your pads. on wear , this way it becomes expencife really fast

i loosen the pad pins already before i take off the caliper

wheel out

will do the bearings to

disk is worn down the surface 1.5 mm bought sides

new disk on, and fresh bearings in

wil change these to i think

looks better with some new pads