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2-10-2015 XB TH XB crash pads, X1 intake seal 1125

4-10-2015 - What did we do today 2-10-2015 Torq Hammer XB quicky, XB crash protection, X1 intake seals, 1125 Side stand spring

Torq Hammer XB quicky, Customer on holiday lost his old worn out exhaust... for the time being a orginal exhaust was send over... time to make it right again... TQ hammer time

Torq Hammer XB quicky, little time, very hot bike , strip and rip off the old exhaust , clearing the idler bracket to get to the exhaust clamps

Torq Hammer XB quicky, front mounts off

Torq Hammer XB quicky, as the bike is very hot... i need gloves to take the exhaust off

Torq Hammer XB quicky, nice black one smile-emoticon Exhaust can be found here:

Torq Hammer XB quicky,m TQ hammer preassembled and ready to slide on Exhaust can be found here:

Torq Hammer XB quicky, on the bike.. fix the chin spoiler and update the fuel mapping and will be ready to go and make some noise Exhaust can be found here:

XB crash protection, little repairs still to been done, and add some protection

XB crash protection, flyscreen off to get to teh indicator connectors

XB crash protection, slide a ring spanner 13 mm up the wires to loosen the nut holding the indicator

XB crash protection, mount it visaversa

XB crash protection, little check of it works..

XB crash protection, damaged frame puck... with a little heat you can remove these

XB crash protection, some plastic tools come in handy to remove the left on double sided tape

XB crash protection, clean and use the adhisive primer to make the double sided tape stick very good

XB crash protection, I start at the reasr end makeing sure the edge lines out

XB crash protection, and line out the front point to the frame... and press on hard

XB crash protection, lining up the right airscoop , fits front. Airscoop can be found here:

XB crash protection, and hole line out... mnn the best i have seen so far for the euro models 08-09 Airscoop can be found here:

XB crash protection, easy... smile-emoticon Airscoop can be found here:

XB crash protection, preping the engine protection

XB crash protection, stock bolts out the cover, need to make room for longer ones

XB crash protection, right side ( oil pomp ) fitted with spacers , set hese bolts to tq specs, and check the rest off the oil pump cover bolts to wink-emoticon

XB crash protection, nice and sticking out.... no there not highway pegs wink-emoticon

XB crash protection, and left side

XB crash protectionand tq to specs

XB crash protection, will protect the oil cooler

XB crash protectionm battery strap broke again... we just replaced it... will put a new one on

XB crash protection, very much tension on this one, i took a little tension off by pulling more on the other end off the strap , see if it holds now

X1 intake seals, with the new seals on , slide the intake manifold back in

X1 intake seals,little ball joint allen key helps to start the right side bolts

X1 intake seals,not tight yet... use the breather bracket to aline the manifold

X1 intake seals, putting a screw in to hold it while you tighten the flange screws

X1 intake seals, left and right side intake flanges tighened

X1 intake seals, horn back on

X1 intake seals, some plummers loctite on the breather bolts

X1 intake seals, and again a bal end allen key to tighten the force winder

X1 intake seals, fuel hoses back on with nice clamps

X1 intake seals,... ok new well nuts to hold the front off the cover

X1 intake seals, better

X1 intake seals, fuel cell and cover back on

X1 intake seals,and side panels back on... test ride ... she runs better but under a little load still sputtering and chough... mnnn ok need some more inspections .. dham

1125 Side stand... hapens ones in a while... and your very glad you put some zipties with your ( under the passengerseat ) wink-emoticon

1125 Side stand, easy fix... but as the spring goose, the spring extention plate goose to ... the modified spring comes with a describtion how to direct the different spring ends

1125 Side stand, with a spring puller... piece off cake in and out before you can take off your coat

1125 Side stand, the horn button was not working... ok could be easy.. luckaly all the parts where still inside the housing

1125 Side stand, you see the horn button contacts are bend up ( pushing to hard ? )

1125 Side stand, little bending back to shape so the contacts also locks in teh white plastics spring and anvil in place.. and he can honk again