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10-3-2016 XR1200 making loud finish

1-5-2016 - 10-3-2016 XR1200 making loud finish, fork seal quicky, 1125 clutch cylinder , XB9 startup

HD throttle cable thingies ... i don't like theme

handle bar indicator on positioned so the light will not blind the rider The Kellerman can be found here: The HPA Airbox developed by us can be found here:

handle bar switch back on, it helps to turn it a little so the cable styas the notch ( perhaps you can see the cable was pinched during previeus mounting The Kellerman can be found here:

as these are LED the hd switch box likes to have resitors paralell

function test , nice.. in all honesty the bar is to much drawback to be really effective for traffic to see when your on the bike The Kellerman can be found here:

air filter and fuel tank back on The HPA Airbox developed by us can be found here:

tighen the airfilter screws , hand tight The HPA Airbox developed by us can be found here:

fuel cell cover on.. start at the rear and make sure the notches are in and slide to the front

and put the screws back in

drilled off the upside down labels

right way up

nice fuel mapping loaded


make sure service dealers notice there is a fuel mapping inside , before they try and reflash the ecm Teh Tune for a XR1200 can be found here: we made them for different exhaust and all bike runs like stink:


clean off my greasy finger prints off the exhaust, as they will burn into the stainless steel

and heating here up, she hangs nice to the throttle... test ride ride will be fun

customer dropped off a leaking front fork leg, no problem, we can do that

i always look for sratches and damage, will clean these up a little to remove the wurst

tape off the sharp edges before you put a new seal on

seals how to... wel the side witht he steel spring, needs to face inside the front fork

and the other side with out the spring facing the out side

guide bushings are still perfect

hammer in the oil seal, , fo the picture i have removed 1 side off the tool, you can also use this tool to push the c-clip in

bleed the damper rod good, the stroke up and down needs to feel controlled. the whole stroke

indexing the rebound markings when fully closed , just a little thoug , you know when you assemble like this, the customer will have the full adjustment range

1125R 09 super fresh bike with a oil leak

bike is not even run in yet

but still she leaks... the first few series oem clutch cylinder where not the best

how not to drain the reservoir and clutch line , tape the lever to the handle bar pulled in

Oberon cover removed, customer tried with teflon tape to close the leaking ?

5 mm allen and 17 mm spanner to remove the puller nut the allen is to hold down the vacuum membrame so you don't rip it

feed banjo loose , little brake fuild will come out the cylinder the line will hardly leak when you pulled and fixed the lever to the bar

T30 bit and remove the cover screws

the vacuum membrame doubles up as a gasket for the front cover, this can stick to the spacer plate

very gently pry off the front cover off the membrame

c-clip spanner to remove the c-clip holding he clutch slave cylinder

old piston, notice the wear marks on the seals... to soft aluminium was used on the outer cylinder , the last ones where better , but iff you see a silver one like this, it will wear and start to leak some where down the life off the bike

old cylinder pushed out

indexing the notch little marking will help , when you press the slave cylinder in, take care you do not pich the sealing o-rings Our clutch slave can be found here:

new oberon cylinder pushed on and clip back in Our clutch slave can be found here:

cover back on Our clutch slave can be found here:

an the pulling nut back on the membrame / pressure plate Our clutch slave can be found here:

new crush washers come with the cylinder , and tighten the banjo Our clutch slave can be found here:

releas the lever and full the reservoir

and bleed the system

you will need to pump it a few times to have pressure, bleeded corretly you should feel pressure with the slightest movement off the lever

our xb9r startup... put a new plug in the rear cylinder and try again, as the shows spark and injectors are spraying , you can check this with injector test and look in the manifold

fresh engine, alwasy take care, don't put to much heat in there the first few times, 75 deg on the cylinder is engough to let her cool down , do this a few times

heat temp is also in the ball park, shows the cylinders are not really rough and new , other wise the cylinders would be so much hotter than the heads