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4-4-2015 Xb leaking gasket ? Uly tinker time.

8-4-2015 - Xb12 warranty repair, after 1000 km running in the new cylinders, customer called the valve covers whare leaking... no problem, can happen, valve covers gasket is not a big job,

after inspecting the bike, one O-ring from a the pushrod cover looks like it it pinched.. still no problem but , not to be done with a screaming hot engine, so will do this job voming week.


Uly tinker time, removing the top side to rotate the engine down for the intake seals.


Uly tinker time, the 08 up throttle cable loosend, best to loosen the coil and slide it a little backwards to have clearance for the spanner.


Uly tinker time,left airscoop off cut the zipties and unplug the connectors.


Uly tinker time,exhaust off.


Uly tinker time,no wonder it is leaking on the connection, a original clamp was used but even fully thighened it douse not clamp the aftermarket pipe enough , i will replace this with a better fitting clamp.


Uly tinker time,clutch cable loose.


Uly tinker time, engine rotated down.


Uly tinker time,new plugs in.


.Uly tinker time,and replaced the hardened intake seals.


Uly tinker time,engine back up.


Uly tinker time,and if all is well and not stressed, the v-brace bolts should go in easy.


Uly tinker time,with the clutch cable loose , the customer mentioned a little sweating on the connection.


Uly tinker time,some heat shrink tube with glue will make this tight again.


Uly tinker time, heated tube.


.Uly tinker time,will wrape this with a more flexible tape.


Uly tinker time,front wheel bearing check loosen the pinch bolts , as the bearings where hammered in, they where way to tight, i presed thme in correctly, they will live longer.


Uly tinker time,exhaust back on... the front support is to low because a piece off rubber was put underthere.. it would not cover the slots.


Uly tinker time, rubber spacer removed.. now the exhaust fits good. i used a little exhaust gasket to make the seal good.


Uly tinker time, left scop back on.


Uly tinker time,and finishing the top off the engine.


Uly tinker time, some mods are a pain to work with, breather reroute done by customer... fitting spark plug cables become a challange.