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5-5-2018 S3, X1, 1125CR

3-10-2018 - 5-5-2018 Buell S3 almost back to zero , Buell X1 restauration, Buell 1125CR TLC

Henk has a nice trip home, as his bike will start fresh on the dail :-) nice going — bij Twin Motorcycles Buell Support forever.

very nice well kept S3 , has significant km done on the track.. — bij Twin Motorcycles Buell Support forever.

X1 making it nice.. the disk our mounted off line — bij Twin Motorcycles Buell Support forever.

one lined up with the wheel

other side is also off

both in line with the wheel spokes . looks less messy

fresh tyre on and mounting it back

cleaned up the axle

and nut , some loctite on the nut

and tighten to the right spec.

new pinch bolts

looks better :-)

1125 in for some love.. before long road trip

pushing in the bike.. i heard the bearings squell ..

so wheel out.. alternative pinch bolt is used ;-)

caliper off

belt would really need replacement advice to change it

to much cracks for comfort

all This is all over the belt ..

rear bearing.. al grease is out ... was about to colaps

new bearings.. and fresh tyre .. CR pully will just fit out machine

rear back in for now , to hear from the customer ok for the belt

stripping the top side for engine rotation

airfilter is full... this bike will run so much better with a clean airfilter

carefull taking off the base plate as you will lanch all the dirt collected

with some fingers below to support the under base plate take it off

idle control cable also still on.. i will remove this one to , and lock the throttle shafts