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16-3-2016, Uly small service and stutter

1-5-2016 - 16-3-2016, Uly small service and stutter, xb12SS top overhaul heat cycle, XB12R diagone, XB9R last heat cycle dress up and first ride

06 Uly time, small service and checking on a low rpm stutter

she has done a nice mileage

and she is a daily driver so clean up the swing arm first around the filler plug

oil drain and cover off to get to the oil filter

easy on and off, prime the new filter and a little tighter than hand tight

as i'm going to rotate the engine in this case i remove the exhaust ,front clamp loose

reasr straps loose and front hanger bolt out

first the rest off the check up, bearing, primaire chain tension and belt , rear caliper off

belt is good to go

rear axle out , i could feel it bind a little, i will clean up the axle and put some fresh lube on it

wheel bearings are good to go untill next service or rear tyre change

rear axle cleaned and a fresh coat off silicone grease, i really like this stuff nice and sticky

rear wheel back in axle to 66 Nm and tighten the pich bolt

prepping for engine rotation , left and right scoops off

loosen the clutch cable adjuster and unhook the cable from the lever

engine supported. and remove the front engine bolt

v-brace bolts removed

and remove the airfilter box

throttle cables loose from the grip

she is starting to breath a little oil , as sign that the piston rings are getting worn out.. in this amount and 16000 after last check.. nothing to get worried about right away

top tie rod / ground loose on the engine moutn side

removing the connection to the throttle bodie, old style fuel line, with red tab, push the connector forward, press the red tab and pull off the connector , the later connectors gan be much harder to remove

throttle cables off , injectors and tps sensor plug disconnected

and engine rotated down to acces the throttle bodie

right side, a cut off 1/4 allen wrench is very usefull when these bolts are tight, and they can be very tight

left side 1/2" spanner will do and T27 for the center support screw

old seals nasty and hard , due to age and heat

the flanges need to be bent , with the intake seal rubber needing to compress the flanges will bent around theme

heads and manifold cleaned, and back on with new seals, aline and tighten evenly

engine back up, you should be able to turn the front mount bolt in by hand as a sign there is no tension , set TQ to 66 Nm

exhaust back on

after tightening the bolts and the rear straps tap the header connection to releave the tension off sliding the exhaust on , you will see the header go in a little deeper in the exhaust

brackets back on

and pully cover back

carbon chin spoiler, use some rubber washers to clamp the bolts carbon fiber is fragile and you can easily crush the CF

throtlle cables . the one with the plastic bend piece is the pull cable

and need to go on the top position on the throttle cam

silde the push cable in the switch with the flat side facing out , and hook the cable in the grip reasr position

mount the switch on and put the pull cable in the grip and the plastic bend will follow the slot in the switch...

the flat notch will block the push cable in and secure it

the back covers are pins to line up witht he holes in the handle bar to prevent and secure the switch from rotating

injectors , fuel line and tps sensor reconnected, ziptie the tps wire to the fuel rail so vibrations will not wear on the sensor wires going in the sensor.

velocity stack back on, position the spring clip so it will not hurt any thing under the airbox

and set tthe tps procedure can be found here

airbox cover back on

brake flud change

and test ride.. smile-emoticon but i when back fast... no more chouging but the throttle feels digital below 3000 rpm ( the low tps values ) pritty much feels like the tps sensor is worn in the cruise regions ( the low rpm / tps regions )

so off with the airbox again.. now hot ..

with a little spanner you can loosen the bolts

and carefully put the new tps sensor back on push in on a little offset counter clock wise and turn it in position , and put the srews back in , you need to put the bottom screw in with the sensor in some cases there is not enough room to put it in with the sensor in place

system check if the tps sensor is correclty mounted

zip tie it again set the tps again and test ride smile-emoticon now she feels right again

3 heat on the XB12SS topend overhaul, all is good , and she starting to run a litle smoother, time to dress here up for the first test ride

velecity stack back on and airbox back on

ziptie the side stand and crank positioning wires to the front v-brace bar

as i noticed the starter switch did not work some times as i heard the system relais not switch on the times it did not work.. 99 % change neutrsl switch douse not free the start inhibiter... simple check pull the clutch lever , if you hear the relais click... or take out your volt meter and check the resitance on the neutral switch , yep to much

need to take the belt off they front pully for this , so axle pinch bolt loose and axle 15 turns out to loose the belt tension

belt off the front pully

and thin walled 5/8 socket to loose the neutral switch

checking your work... measure the resitance on the little wire connection to rule this out, this can be a problem... values look much better now, i put here back an tomorrow first ride

XB12R brought in with a engine noise , first some diagnose

i hear not funny sounds from the crank... customer told me he had the engine overhault some where else not long ago

mnn lets check on debris in the oil ,a these 03-05 engines can be loud in running

mnnn , not good... old or new, any way looks not promising

XB9r startup and first ride.. after the last heat cycle dressing here up again and take here out in a slow spinn , still here a little valve train noise, not the sound off empty tapped, these are full , sometime this takes a while and the engine oil to get hot , running the bike idle will not heat up the oil , before the engine over heats , so slow test ride not to much rpm and put some heat in here

so covers on. and test ride

she runs very nice, and valve train noise is down to "normal "for a early XB9 egnine , but after the test ride the neutral light crapped out... ok.. i know the drill

checking resitance... way to much

xb9 03 with small belt... cover off and you can unscrew the neutral sensor

new sensor in checking my work... perfect.. tomorrow last test ride , put some more heat in here to get the oil hot , and final check on leaks before i give this one back to the customer