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23-6-2018 Buell M2 tyre Buell XB

12-2-2019 - 23-6-2018 Buell M2 front tyre Buell Xb tyre change and intake seals

bizzy day lots pff people comming to visit.. so little work gets done .. new front tyre on the M2

with a bike this nice.. i will clean the spacers ;-)

front in..

drop of loctite on the axle 

caliper back on ( disk bolts loose ) 

and tighten to 50 Nm 

disk bolts to 35 Nm

left leg pinch bolts tight , bump the front suspention and tighten the right pinch bolts ( metric btw .. spanner size 12 ) 

fender bracket tight with light grade loctite 

inspection to check why the bike is detonating when hot.. rear spark plug wire is rubbed to the core.. by the fuel tap lever 

reasr plug has ok color 

front plug is lean.. i will check intake seals 

nice XB12S 2010.. start solinoid clacking.

the bike starts good when i pull the clutch lever.. first check . neutral switch.. but that is ok on this bike 

taking a loose booster start cable .. battery ground to the engine. bike starts also with out the solinoid clacking.... adviced the customer to clean up the conenction between the seat rail and the frame as this is the ground conductent 

nice XB9Sx in for fresh tires

pinch bolt loose 

04-05 model works better to remove the belt fin 

caliper of and safe for damaging 

wheel bearings ok 

fresh rubber.

front tyre is also crap , so changed the front one to

and the bike had a light knock when braking.. the steering head bearings need re-tensioning .. loosen the lower triple t clamp bolts ( weigh is still of the wheel ) 

top steering stem nut pinch bolt loose 

extra hand works very good.. handle bar of and loosen and retighten the nut.

and tighten the clamps again