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19-6-2015 Ully, X1 and another ully

20-6-2015 - What did we do today 19-6-2015 Ully DoubleD running on 1 cylinder , X1 carb with some startup problems , Nice Uly for some thinkertime, steering head bearings

Uly DD, i know personal tast , but i don't like these cases , bike was dropped in by the road help.. running on 1 cylinder in heavy rain 

Uly DD, running bad in rain, usualy 2 things , sparkplug wires or intake seals

Uly DD, with a little watter spray on the cables no sparks flying... while the intake seal leak test did kill the bike, will ask the customer what he wants... as he replace these him self a few weeks again

X1 Carb... some starting issues , and running on 1 cylinder , and new dash is not working

X1 Carb, cv carb mounted, i wonder why eletrical gremlins had been in the bike for some time 

X1 Carb, nice rusted and 5 mm hex heads on the 1/4 allen bolts :-X , will put some new ones on so a 3/16 allen key will fit again

X1 Carb, the battery was charged 3 days ago ? will start with a new battery 

X1 Carb, check it the float valve is not sticking , remove the intake filter

X1 Carb, nice with carbs, you see the squirt off fuel when you pull the throttle, ok fuel in the bowl..

X1 Carb, lot off strange corrosion on this bike

X1 Carb, ground points are corroded. the overload terminals are corroded 

X1 Carb, and the overload is not even connected any more to the casing... this will be fun...

nice Uly , from Germany came in for service, the customer noted the steering head bearings start to corrode as brown watter is flowing out off theme

Uly, drain while hot, engine oil

Uly, very recogniseble 2008- up hight Uly front end , remove the axle and wheel

Uly, front end out, i leave 1 leg in to loosen the steering stem nut

Uly, screen off and removing the cables to get the dash off

Uly, lossening the handle bar connectors heated grips ect.

Uly, clutch cable and throttle cables loose 

Uly, ignition lock loose with the anti theft screw bit

handle bar off and dash out off the way

Uly, as the lower triple t has the travel limiters on it , leaving 1 leg in will hold the top plate in place to loosen the stem nut

Uly, a little tap and some wiggle the top plate come off

Uly some more taps and the lower plate is out with stem

Uly the old bearings knocked out, removed the seal clearly visible the balls are corroded

Uly new bearings in the frame clean up the stem and grease it up for corrosion protection

Uly , slide 1 leg in and tighten to seat everyhting, loosen ,put the other lig in and retighten to the correct specs

uly starting to look like a bike again

Uly, little corrosion the connectors, fix it , cleaner and electrical grease

Uly, front end as good as in

uly ready to drop the engine for the intake seals , vbrace loose

Uly, never been loose the come dry out off the factory, use some neversees on these bolts

Uly top side everything ready to drop the engine 

uly, engine down, and acces to the throttle body

uly, vacuum bites on the seals , new one will be nice

uly now is the time for easy plug change

Uly, old plug look very nice 

Uly, engine back up and plugged bolted and slided on


Uly covers back on, nice translucent.. pitty it cracks so easy

Uly don't for get the service wink-emoticon oil back in

Uly, belt check...

Uly and brake fluid replacement front and rear