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Buell M2 service, 1125 running on 1 cylinder , Xb

3-4-2019 - 18-10-2018 Buell M2 service, Buell 1125 running on 1 cylinder , Buell XB clutch not working, EBR 1190RX crash repair

buell M2 in for yearly inspection , and fork oil 

messy bike open crank breather.. puffing out oil 

and making a mess if it, draining the engine oil 

losening the clutch mechanism 

gearbox oil also out 

normaly not possible , but this exhaust you can.. need to clean it anyway 

fresh gear box oil in

and clutch bal and ramp back on 

oil filter change always messy 

and change th sparkplugs 

clutch cable adjusted and ziptie the booth to keep watter out

recalled shock .. with temp fix , the later recall was never done

belt tension still ok

inspect for damage stone chips and cracks

checking the primairy chain 

missing a o-ring 

the other screw still had one 

tension is ok.. measure on 3 points , bike in 5e gear and bump the engine around with the rear wheel in a paddock stand

the head breather filter.. if this is long time ok-ish , need to keep a eye on this.. to much blowby piston rings can also do this , oil level is good

cleaned , and dried..

bike turned around on the lift to do the front 

axle nut loose 

all metric with a M2 , pinch bolts 

bike needs a new front tyre 

losening the disk bolts to easy remove the caliper

caliper bolts loose 

need some cleaning 

with the disk a little loose you can take the caliper off with out damage to the rim or take the pads out first

front fender of 

wheel out.. bearings are ok 

taking the legs out 1 by 1 so the head light keeps hangng secure

top T bolt with allen key 

leg out.. normal some dirt and corrosion 

checking the settings 

losen the pretension and losen the top cap

slider down 

and easy the holder plate out , 2x 14 mm spanner to loosen the top cap / dampening adjuster 

the dampening needle is in the top cap with these showa models

drained the oil .. and filled with fresh.. bleed the damper rod , and set the level after 

ready to go back in

number 2 

with the top cap is tight.. very good way to hold it is in the triple t ;-)

second leg also done, and new tyre on

drop of loctite on the axle

and tighen the axle with a holder rod on the other side

front fender back on

and set the caliper bolt to 50 Nm with a drop loctite

front brake feels a little gritty pulling it 

little cleaning of the surfaces

and new grease on there will make it better 

fresh brake fluid front 

and rear

and heating up the enigne

checking the oil level.. good to go ( about half way between min and max ) 

very nice 1125cr from Germany.. running on 1 clyinder

opening up.. needs a filter cleaning for one

looking down the cylinders.. you can see the valves when you opening the throttle . are looking ok 

checking the rear coil and plug 

customer replaced the rear one already and looks like new

spark testing.. ( throttle full open and switch on ignition ) rear one works

trying to run.. front cylinder looks wet.. and front headers also stay cold.. so front cylinder looks like not sparking

so making ready to drop the engine to check the front spark plug, front fender of 

side pod covers of 

and side pods loose 

exhaust of .. e-mark... yeah right ... and is toughting the road cornering

Xb... clutch don't work

cable looks ok 

inside fully turned in.

missing some pieces 

mnn that is one.. needs a new cover 

EBR 1190RX parts finaly in and bike back from painter 

dash nuts of 

and the front fairing stay bolts out 

as it is a little bend

new one to go on 

new head light on

starting to look better

some road rash to the clutch cover 

pul nut loose , same as 1125 

cover of 

series down.. to hit the bolt

cover can be needed to to pry the membrame loose as this can be sticky 

new cover.. need to put the clutch cylinder over .. job for to morrow