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6-12-2017 some TLC for a xb9r 03

8-2-2018 - What did we do today: 6-12-2017 some TLC for a Buell XB9R 2003

some TLC for this firebolt... starting with the intake seals

so cover off

hoses pulled through and lots off dirt in the ' clean' aria

yes off course.. old style stack.. i will try my best to fix this back on

throttle cables loose on the grip

pres the red tap and pull off the fuel line

moving down.. left peg bracket off and loosening the W-brace

grrrr... i have a feeling this will happen more on this bike.. 1 screw nackered..

needed to dril this one out , or drilled the head off

even then... needed the pipe wrench to unscrew the bolt

corroded firmy.. i get the feeling if a want to take the exhaust off i will be fighting the bike allot

lets go for a smarter option .. with some wood and tyre iron

the clutch cable outer adjuster is so crusty that i can not slide the boot over it.. as we are working on a budget on this bike. i leave this for now as i can work around it

removing the lever at the perch .. gets the cable off to

rare find now .. single row idler bearings , these are replace by the 2 bearing version .. will be for next time ..

engine down.. and removing the intake manifolds

mnnn i have a gut feeling looking at the color off the print.. these are the wrong heat grade

anyway ffist the intake seals

cleaned and fresh seals in

plug .. yes 6R12.. wrong.... these are hole makers in pistons

we talked with the customer , no service for now, only check up. but this i cannot leave in.. some new plugs in the right heat grade

before the engine will go up.. the speedo is not working.. 10 to 1 problem sensor..

old out , and new one in

front mount back to tq

i will isolate this nick

some one has mounted a new regulator , but routed the cable outside ... meeehhh i will make it nice

oil pressure switch was also not working .. made a special tool for this

old one out and new one ready to go in

the oil pump is leaking ... the return line adaptor is loose

to get to this , best to remove the oil filter

like so some more room to work

use counter spanners for these fittings.. they break off way to easy

we need to take the whole pump out to put the fitting back in good , so feed line alos loose

cap the oil line so no the complete oil tank ( swing arm ) drains

the 2 long bolts out

and the oil pump out

the off factory loctite broke.. and the adaptor came loose, as the return line also moves a little

cleaned and new loctite and turning in the adaptor

quick look at the oil pump drive gear...good to go

oil pomp back in, and feed line on

return line on and pressure out to the oil cooler on

i will not mount back the dented old oil filter sorry.. i put a new one on

routing the regulator wires tight

as thsy sould run tucked to the oil pressure switch , and mounted to it with a ziptie

other thing.. neutral light not working, starting issues the neutral switch has way to much resistance to work.

with 03 belt and pully easy :-) just remove the switch

new one in .. resistance is better

routed the rest off the wires , covers can go on

rear wheel bearings where done

pressed in some new ones

moving up.. connecting the wires.. yes the little tab is rear.. as in green is always rear cylinder

loosening the stack nuts

cleaning and silicone some nuts back in the stack , to leave theme a little for drying

indicator change

nuts will hold. .not tighten to hard

and cleaned base plate back on

air filter box on

retapping the seazed bolt holts

grrrrr... m6 in a 1/4-20 hole

and all the tail section bolts are m6

the seat lock ( passenger cover lock ) is a other key and the owner took out the cable for easy opening

with the arm off you can make these locks the same , push the little loc tab in

and you can pull out the lock cylinder

with the old key you see the plates sticking out.. if you sand these flat to the old key, all will work with 1 key again...

rear indictors on , note the breather hole on the indicstors

making the right terminals on

tail section on.. testing... works

front fairing off to fit the new relais .. the rubber wel nuts are gone in the fairing stay..

beemer relais... eeeehhh 

new welnuts in , and fairings back on