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29-5-2014 Buell Xb12S, Xb12

30-5-2014 - Buell Xb12S 2007, customer is serving in the army, and left his bike for 3 years. Buell Xb12 something...

 Buell Xb12S 2007, customer is serving in the army, and left his bike for 3 years, while he was on tour in the middle east, time for him to come home, and pick up his bike.


Buell Xb12S 2007, replace the fluids..


Buell Xb12S 2007, new TQ hammer exhaust will go on, we disconnect the exhaust valve cable.


Buell Xb12S 2007, K&N airfilter on.


Buell Xb12S 2007, new battery, as the bike came in with a dead battery.


Buell Xb12S 2007, when removing the exhaust, and oil change... easy to drain the case, so to start with all fresh oil.


Buell Xb12S 2007, case drain.


Buell Xb12S 2007, mounting new chin spoiler bracket.


Buell Xb12S 2007, new gearbox oil in.


Buell Xb12S 2007, nice Black TQ hammer exhaust on.


Buell Xb12S 2007, nice.


Buell Xb12S 2007, battery tray was loose as the rear footpegs where removed, put some bolts in from the top side, so the battery will not shake as much , engine oil in and replace brake fluid.. and running warm, she is ready to go.


Buell Xb12 something... crash repair, waiting on the new triple t back from the coaters ,but other jobs can be done.


Buell Xb12 something... under the airbox... what a mess..


Buell Xb12 something, they took a Xb R model and made a Xb something out off it , and left the new customer who bought the bike.. with allot off problems.


Buell Xb12 something, head light mounting made off steering dampers brackets.


Buell Xb12 something... other side.


Buell Xb12 something, the little screw is the only other support.


Buell Xb12 something, the orginal triple t top plate was "modified" for a handle bar... no wonder it broke , they used bondo to fill the holes.


Buell Xb12 something, wire harness rubbing at all places.


Buell Xb12 something, piece off wood knocked in to fill the hole.


Buell Xb12 something, throttle cables bend very hard.


Buell Xb12 something, new customer wanted to have a Quick throttle kit on the bike.


Buell Xb12 something, the handle mounted.


Buell Xb12 something, and made the cables run better to the throttle body.


Buell Xb12 something, fixing wire problems.


Buell Xb12 something, isolating theme and wrapping the harness good after, and trying to make this work.


Buell Xb12 something, brake light is not working ? but the complete tail section is glued on with silicone kit and modified with glasfiber over PUR foam ( and the foam is still under there.


Buell Xb12 something, just leave the brake fluid reservoir hanging there... 

not much love was put in the bike... primairy chain was tight as a snair.. intake seals leaking like a strainer...