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15-6-2016 Xl service , Xb12x check up , BIG BORE

22-7-2016 - 15-6-2016 Xl service , Xb12x check up , Monster big bore rebuild XB12

883 Low, from the Mrs... Mr off course has a Buell , in for a little service

this one is very low... needed to jack it up to get the drain pan under it

while draining, i replace the plugs

new plugs gapped and a little neverseas on

and oil filter off

primairy chain was a little loose, should solve the not getting it in neutral problem after setting this correctly

will change the brake fluid , best done every year

checking and adjusting the clutch starts with the mechinism

and than adjust the outer cable for a little play on the lever

checking front end... all ok

and replacing the from brake fluid

Uly small service from the Mr.. :-)

check battery poles

after draining the engine oil, a little hydro loctite on the plug helps to seal

belt was replaced not long ago.. checking if the spring tensioner still moves

rear brake... i will replace these , almost gone

i cannot help it, checking wheel bearings.. just because

these are still ok

so wheel back in , temporary mounted the rear brake back on to loosen the cap and pin

new pads in and brake can be mounted again

new oil filter on , and put 2.5 liter oil in the swing check after a little running for final level

do the rattle test on the shifter, you will notice if somethings are loose, this bolt was loose... easy to check... hard to replace on the road when you lost it

primairy chain was a little to tight on this one

front end check

i use a steering head lift, but the bottom head light bolt usualy is seazed solid , so i loosen the 2 front ones

and remove the lover fender

all ok in the front

so wheel back in and tightened to tq

press the susspention a few times to set the forks

and tighten the pich bolts

brake fluid change front

and rear

and after a little running check and set the oil level... she is good to go

Xb12SS monster big bore take 2

finaly the right piston rings came in... looks allot better

the cylinders are positioned this one is the rear one, slots cut to clear the oil jet on the side and releave cut to make room for the big pistons so the cylinder will not tough each other

little caculation

and checking the piston ring end play

easy to put the rings in by pushing a piston in the bore so the ring is level

good to go

ok cleaning.... the bores look clean...eeeehhh... not with a rag or paper towl... you see how much grinding durt is still in the bore... best way hot soapy watter , and clean and check again with a clean towl

piston ring assembly tools almost a must with these big bores

rear one on the rod , c-clip in carefull not to drop the piston pin clip in the case

base gasket looks like it sitcks out to much

but looking at the almost gone edge to support the base gasket..

rear assembly put on and temparary in place with some hold down bolts

front same story .. no excuus for not checking !! even with preassembled sets

a good coating with the lube suplied for te bores

last check on the orientation off the piston

and cylinder on.. dowls in

now first the rocker covers need to go one.. the rear bolts are always a pain to put theme in

head gasket on, check if the rivets don't though the flats

pushrod tube top o-rings .. mount these in the head

and push theme over the tubes , than located the dowls and put the head in place

a drop off oil on the threads and flats on the head bolts

and torq theme down

ditto front one

before we go further first the cams... marked 1 to 4 starting at the front exhaust valve with 1

mounting 1 and 3 and 4 cams line theme up

and than put number 2 in place alining it all with the pignon gear marking

ready for the oilpomp.. check these gaskets.. as the old models i some times still see , have a hole to little for the 07-08 up models