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16-11-2016 Bad running X1, Sportster service

1-12-2016 - 16-11-2016 Bad running Buell X1, Sportster XL service

we already tested the tp setting on this X1, needed intake seals first

outer cover off to get to the fuel tank

i will first meaure the fuel pressure the X1 have a very handy mesure port on the fuel tank for this

good to go, priming to 3,5 bar and not dropping much contact off, i expect no problems here

remove the fuel hose, cutting the filter straps .. i notice the horn was vibrating into the filter, need more distance

little cap on the filter , so it would not drain, and old sparkplug in the fuel hose

filter off , still using the breather ... with 78000 km on this bike... yep normal

spacer ring off

and throttle cables loose

removing the intake manifold bracket

and loosening the allen bolts with a extention and ball end key

let side the customer put hexbolts in ... love it

yep leaking

tps sensor wires don't look good...

and the intake manifolf has been rough housed looking at the markings , hope new seals will seal

wanted to check the injectors... off course the screw did not wanted to play nice , and needed to dril the head off

the injectors are the same , i mark theme so i know wich was front / rear

9 out off 10 when you drip off a head off a screw, the tension is off, and you can screw the left over end out, with your figers

injector test...ok

after cleaning and new rubbers

the screws are metric ( m5 )

line up the injectors so the top feed part can lot in

with the 1 screw holding the bracket , line it out so bough injectors are in about the same height

manifold back on and putting back on the safety mod throttle cable

line up the manifolt before you tighten the allen bolts to the flanges

using a hydrolic loctite in the breather bolts to help theme seal

tps set , but still would not run propper , you get a feel for it

i have suspision the tps sensor is worn out , could have done this with the intake seals, doing it now is a little fidely but can bedone

old off and new on

haha,... much better. the way it should run

bugger... my luck....

luckaly the other end was not in to hard

during testng i had the intake sensor off, bike i will run, but will trow a error code

fuel filter and tps wire attached

covers back on

and little heating up , see if everything is ok... she is ready for some more km

Sporster in for some love and care

funny how you notice the sound off a engine that douse not run nice... running this one warm for fluid drain... intake seal leak test... yep leaking big time

will need a front tire... dry cracks

but first draining the engine oil

and the gearbox oil ... alway some metal debris on this plug

clutch cover off... bling

cluch outer adjuster.. give it a lick off grease

cluch outer adjuster.. give it a lick off grease

plugs out

looking lean...

primary chain is way to tight

first gearbox oil back in, and mechanisme back in

cover on... sutch bling... needed to take care off my finger prints

adjusting the primairy chain... mnnn this is no nyloc nut...

the nylon parts sits against the cover to seal ... i put it back on " up" side down

the rear suspention is rock hard... customer asked what option there are, i think more lenght and good shock absorbers .. i take 1 inch longer

lets see if this change allot to the bike ... old

new... little higher but not strange high... we will go with a set Ohlings . longer travel so it douse not have to be back breaking hard

checking the rear wheel

bearings ok

belt is ok , wheel can go back in

and start the intake seals , removing the airfilter baseplate

the look to grease for me... looks like the sealing rings are not sealing..

and you can pull of the carb

intake manifold off... defenaly leaking... because this customer has never had a HD , rough ride is take as it is a HD... please it needs to run smooth

cleaning and new seals

lyning up and carb can be put on

take care off the vacuum hoses

choke cable and fuel line mounted

lyning up the brackets

with the airfilter plate on... tighten the breather bolts final