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14-2-2019 XB12S making things black, battery

17-10-2019 - What did we do today 14-2-2019: XB12S making things black, battery change

looks like xmas again... all parts back from coating — at Twin Motorcycles Buell Support forever.

something to get the stripped bike to getter

some preperation work is still needed , while most tread holes are protected from coating

as these are active ground members.. no paint or coating on the aria where it connects to the frame

seat members on

before you mount the short tail .. do your self a favour, mounting the indicators nice black out ones with light / brake / indicator , very easy now.. but on the bike a challenge

and order the special nuts :-) if you mount kellerman like indicators

and blacked out led

a little tape on top

so it will not shine between the seat

nice :-)

adding the untertray screws

battery tray 2 bolts and lock nuts on

battery change.. 176 cca... wil make you feel battery is low. when you push the button ,

strap of

new battery in. use the spacers if they are included.. so the poles are flat mounted

temperary cam cover of

mounting a new seal

cleaning the 1/8 ntp for the oil line fitting

and cam cover on.. usning stainless bolts

trigger wheel on

best mounted with loose oil line.. these can be a bitch

oil line tight again

and ignition sensor mounted

routing the wires to the oil pressure switch

primairy cover prepping

chain tensioner on

old cover of


also stainless hard ware used

clutch cable on.. keep the cable straight.. not to twist the plastic cover in the metal fitting

new oil in..

setting the mechanisme

cleaning up the treads of the shift lever

with the coating on the cover.. use a washers to prevent the shifter from seasing up ( the spacer bushing will crush in the coating when you tighten the bolt )

chain adjusted

and cleaning the treads on the triple t

works better when tapped / or cleaned with chage

triple t mounted

and loosely mount the head light side covers

ignition switch mounted , not tight yet

wire loom routed up

and head light bracket on.. no tighten the rest of the mounting bolts

blacked out indicators front

i used some filler plates.. looks good.. :-)

now closing up the engine .. fist cleaning up the rocker boxes

new gaskets and position al the bolts

set to TQ big ones 24 Nm smal ones 14 Nm

and new seals ( the upgraded version ) so these will not leak again

cover mounted

and moving to the rear cover

looks like xmas again... all parts back from coating